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Giveaway Winner and A Big Thanks to Jax Games

I’d never really thought before about the plight some families face concerning those hours between the end of school for their kids and the end of work for the parents. Growing up, my mom was always one of the first cars in the pick-up line. She was reliable and dependable. I remember in middle school, begging her to be a little late so I could stand on the curb with my friends while they waited on their rides. I never thought about the kids who carried their own house key. The kids who gained such responsibility early.

When we moved to Missouri, we moved to an area much different from the swamps of Florida where I grew up. One afternoon when Lucy was just a toddler, we changed up our routine and went to the library after nap-time instead of before. When we got there, the library was PACKED. It was no longer a quiet library, but it was very obviously an oasis for many.

So when Jax Games, sponsor of the recent giveaway I hosted, offered to send me a few more games to check out I was thrilled! I’ve already mentioned our love of board games. And then the delivery came and I can’t fully express the shock I experienced by their generosity! We have so many new games to try and I can’t wait to share our fun with our friends [We are in the midst of planning a family game night party! How great does that sound!?]. But, I immediately knew that some of the games were destined for a greater purpose.

After the events in Ferguson, I was invited to a Facebook group called “Parents for Peace”. The group’s greatest intention was to encourage and nurture the children of our community, profoundly impacted by the summer’s events. One of the biggest ways the group served the kids was to organize activities at the Ferguson Library for the kids to enjoy while the start of school was postponed.

Realizing that the library is such a safe haven, I immediately knew some the games would find a great home there. I was so honored to be able to contribute to that. [Let’s just say feeding a family of five on a teacher’s salary doesn’t leave a lot of room for random giving.]


So before they were even allowed to open a game, we talked to the kids about giving some of the games to the library and why we thought it was important. We drove over and dropped them off. I think some of the games finding a home there is totally fitting with the company’s motto, “What a difference a game makes!”.

Board games bridge gaps and encourage community. So, thanks to Jax Games and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. Using a random number generator, the winner is Christina a.k.a. “Momma Loves Cookin'”. I’ll be in touch with you to get your info to pass along.