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Lucy ( AND LANDON!!!!) Lately

Today has been a real punch to the throat kind of day  somehow these posts always make me feel better.

Lucy: “Mom. Have you tasted this?”
Beth: “No. What’s wrong?”
Lucy: “Well. I think you accidentally made us kids some adult smoothies.”
Beth: “No. I definitely didn’t.”
Lucy: “Oh. Well. You must’ve just used too many veggies. It tastes awfully healthy.”

Beth: “Why are you crying!?”
Lucy: “Well, I forgot what number comes after 11.”


Lucy: “Mom! My fever was camouflaged!”
Beth: “Oh really? What does that mean?”
Lucy: “It means it snuck up on me!”

[Cohen pulling all the books off shelf.]
Lucy: “Cohen. Don’t do this to me.”

Beth: “Go find it. You can do it. You’re a big kid.”
Lucy: “Oh yeah, I forgot.”

Lucy: “Oh no. I forgot my allergy medicine.”
Beth: “It’s okay. I have some in my purse.”
Lucy: “Yeah. And all my teachers know my allergies… And I have this baby! [holds up medical alert bracelet].”

Lucy: “Dad. Will you cheer for me at my baseball game?”
Chuck: “Of course.”
Lucy: “Well. You should say something like ‘Go Wildcats, go!”
Chuck: “Okay.”
Lucy: “Okay! Let’s hear you.”
Chuck: ” ‘Go Wildcats, go!”
Lucy: “Good thing you have a week to keep practicing.”

[Landon has been doing hooked on phonics stuff all afternoon while Lucy plays candy crush.]
Lucy: “You better not learn to read before me! That would not be fair!”

Lucy: “I love to spell! S – P – E – I – L!”

[I stubbed my toe while sweeping around the table.]
Lucy: “It’s a hard life being a mom. I can’t wait ’till I’m a teenager!”

Lucy: “I can feel my bones! Under my skin! I know it’s them ’cause they feel like sticks!”

Lucy: “I kind of like Cohen. He’s, like, so interesting. And weird. Like George, he’s pretty curious.”

Lucy: “Can you spell castle one letter at a time?”
Beth: ” C-A-S-T-L-E ”
Lucy: “Now can you spell village?”
Beth: ” V-I-L-L-A-G-E ”
Lucy: “Do all princess words end in ‘e’!?

[Playing the sword dual game on the Wii with her Poppa.]
Lucy: “Let’s play again Poppa! ‘Cause it looked like you were having so much fun when you lost and fell!”

Lucy: “Mom. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson about life…”
[For the curious, it was a rousing soliloquy on birthday party politics.]

Lucy: “I love my Bible. It’s kind if like a comedy book.”

[Pulling up to the children’s museum we frequent.]
Lucy: “Coey. Get ready for the biggest day of your life!”

Lucy: “If there are any signs with numbers on then I’m going to read them with my numbering skills.”

Lucy: “Dad! I think my tummy really hurts. I’m awfully poopy. I think that’s just what some people do!”

Lucy: “Mom, guess what!?”
Beth: “What?”
Lucy: “When I’m kind of older you’re still not going to be old.”
Beth: “Thanks?”

[Brings me all of the toilet paper from the roll. Balled up tight.]
Landon: “You need to buy some more.”