Meal Plan – Week of October 14, 2018

I’ve found myself looking back on old meal plans to get ideas recently, so I thought I would [attempt] to start sharing them again. A lot has changed since I regularly contributed to this blog. We are now a family of six [Praise Him!]. And I definitely can’t fill everyone’s belly for $400 a month anymore. But some things stay the same, too. We still eat most of our meals at home and try our best to make them full of veggies and flavor.

So here’s what I’d planned. I didn’t put days of the week next to any meals because lately we’ve needed that flexibility.

The Faux Pho has been on the menu every week since we had it. It’s a big winner with everyone.

I usually save the Kielbasa Sheet Pan meal for those meals right before grocery day when you need to use up what’s left.

I was able to prep the sheet pan meal while the pho was cooking. It saved a lot of time the next day. I also doubled both recipes so we had leftovers x 2!

I’d intended to do Broccoli Alfredo but there was a sale on drumsticks so we had a deconstructed version of this. I threw the drumsticks and broccoli on separate pans to roast and begged Chuck to whip up a couple boxes of Annie’s Mac and Cheese. No shame! Cohen discovered this Vegan Mac and all our lives are better for it.

I usually have some baked chicken or ground turkey meal prepped at the beginning of the week to throw on salads. When I ran out mid-week I threw some ground beef I needed to use up in a pan. But then dinner came and, after lots of late nights for parent teacher conferences, I realized it would be really easy to change that into some taco meat. So I added black beans, tomatoes, and cheese and we had dinner ready in 10 minutes.

I took the pork that I was going to use for Carnitas and made Butternut & Black Bean Chili. I prepped dried black beans and the pork early in the day [I love you, Instant Pot!] and then when dinner came all I needed to do was pull the pork and add the rest. I even used a bag of frozen butternut squash to make my life easier.

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