Brown-Skinned Friends

I interrupt this blog hiatus to share some important thoughts.

My daughter and I were driving in the car today and mentioning friends we were going to see. She said, “I just love having so many brown-skinned friends.” And, I don’t know, race is a touchy subject… right? Just when I feel informed and sensitive enough to sort of understand it, I realize I still have a lot to learn.

We live in a very diverse area. We value diversity. But we don’t want to raise “color-blind” kids. To me, raising color-blind kids means you tell them not to see color. That it doesn’t make a difference what color someone is – you treat them all the same.


So maybe you’ve seen this meme before. It’s been around for a while and its iterations are endless. If we teach our kids to treat everyone equally, they’re going to be very confused and ill-prepared to understand injustices. What if instead of teaching them not to see color, we teach them to value color. We teach them the depth and beauty of differences.

We need to teach our kids the difference between equality and equity. To raise informed people who are interested in pursing a world liberated from the pursuit of “greatness, no matter the cost”. Liberated from the idea that the privledges they were born with shouldn’t be extended to everyone.



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