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Lucy Lately

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“Look at the mountains. This is like a dream come true.”

Pulling away from the airport gate: “Now we’re talking!”

“Mom. Don’t you wish we had a robot that did all our chores so that you and me could play Barbies all day!?”

“Lucy! You did a great job at your first swim class!”
“I do what I can.”

“Do you wish everybody in the world was Captain Hook so that nobody would have to clean their rooms!? [Before I have time to answer.] Me too.”

“Thanks, Siri. You’re the best robot friend I’ve ever had.”

“Lucy. Stop. What are you doing to your brother!?”
“Nothing. I’m just pretending he’s my puppy.”

“It’s like the mailman doesn’t care about kids who like Legos, and animals, and toys.” [On days when a magazine or toy ad doesn’t come.]

[On completing a “History of Me” worksheet for school.]
“Where were you born?”
“St. Louis, Missouri.”
“Good! What country?”
“Mizzou country?”

[After he gets hurt.]
“Landon I have some good news. I’m kind of a doctor.”

“Daddy, what does diva mean?”
“Well. [asks Siri] Siri says it’s someone who might get too much attention and cries when they don’t get what they want. Lucy, I think you might have a little diva in you…”
“Let’s never speak of this again.”

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Lucy Lately

I put this picture up on Instagram today and it reminded me that I haven’t done one of these in a while. This kid makes me laugh SO much. All the time. She likes to ask what I love about her and it’s so hard to choose just a few things. But- her spirit and sense of humor are definitely at the top of the list. She brings joy everywhere she goes.

And then she said, “Mom. Did you vote for Jesus for King?”

“I’m making something that’s too incredible. It’s going to knock your eyes off.”

Me: “Don’t tell, it’s a secret.”
Lu: ” [whispering] Okay. I’m going to put it into a secret closed area.” [zips her lips]

“Mom. I need Cohen to watch the show I’m putting on, not be engaged in it.”

Lu: “Let’s have a contest to see who can put their shoes on the fastest.”
[I win.]
“Well. The rules say you have to be four to win.”

Lucy: “Mom. Smell my breath!”
[from across the room.]
Me: “Peeee yoo. Stinky.”
Lucy: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Mmhmm.”
Lucy: “That’s weird ’cause I just brushed last night. I think all the toothpaste escaped!”

[Making her a sunbutter and jelly sandwich.]
“Mom. May I have the honor of putting the two pieces of bread together?”

Lu: “Hm. That’s weird.”
Me: “What’s weird?”
Lu: “My wish didn’t come true.”
Me: “What did you wish for?”
Lu: “I wished I would become a fairy. Maybe it just takes a long time for wishes to come true.”

He’s been super fussy so she prayed, “Jesus, please help Cohen get teeth.” This morning his two bottom teeth popped through! So we start talking about answered prayers and she says, “I can’t believe God hears my prayers! I’m asking for a baby sister next. Sorry Cohen!”

“Is it so weird that in Jesus’s day they wore flip flops!?”

“I am a queen! And I oppose my own policies!”

“There’s a bug in the car. But I don’t know if I’m dreaming it.”

Cheerleaders: “Defense push ’em back, sack that quarterback!”
Lu: “Did they just say Jesus?”

Lu: “So did you ever hear of the cow that had a hundred chickens?”
Me: “No?”
Lu: “That’s because it didn’t happen! Bahahahahaha.”

“Oh, Mom. You look so pretty when your hair falls in your face… Oh and now you’re back to normal.”

Lu: “Anyone heard that a mountain grows? Anyone heard that leaves fall?”
Chuck: “Have you ever heard about the kid who ate all their vegetables?”
Lu: “That sounds terrible.”

Shopping isn’t really my thing. I’m a kid.

[Chuck adjusting the radio]
Lu: “Dad, can you turn it to my jam?”

“Dear Jesus. Please help me to never grow up and have babies so I don’t have to have shots and get hurt.”

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K4: First Week

I wanted to start out the week like I’d imagine most classroom teachers do: setting the schedule and expectations.

The general schedule for our week will be to fit in an hour of dedicated school time the four mornings a week Landon has school.

The first couple days were spent introducing Lucy to the workbooks we’re going to start out using. She shows such an aversion to all things written [as opposed to drawn] that I bought a couple of books below her skill level to boost her confidence.


I also bought one of those packs of blank books at Target and we spent a couple days creating an “About Me” book for her. Here’s her family page where she intentionally left off her brothers. She told me later she’s okay having two little brothers, even if it means she has to keep her stuff picked up.


The star of the week was this science kit I snagged on Amazon for $8. We did the first experiment where you mix citric acid and baking soda.


She loved the measuring and quick reaction. We tried it with hot and cold water as well.





We played a few games and lined the alphabet magnets up in order to clear out the summer fog.



If you want to get my daughter to sit still for extended periods of time, this fashion drawing pad I got her seems to be magic.


doll fashion girl had *quite* a few updates this week.


For anyone with a creative kid who makes you more treasures than you could ever hope to keep, I highly recommend going to blog route. We tried out the artkive app and liked it okay but I had to email the creations when I uploaded them. This way Lucy can go back and check out her work and I don’t feel bad about sending out 15 emails on a particularly creative day.

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Doll Fashion Girl

If you’ve met my daughter, you know she is super creative. Her thoughts, her drawings, her imaginative play– her creativity knows no bounds. When she asked Chuck and I if she could have a blog a few days ago we laughed and laughed. And then we got on board. We asked her what she wanted to name it and she said Doll Fashion Girl, which I imagine comes from the song she serenades us with that goes, “I’m a fashion Girl. I’m original.”


Instead of using the artkive app like we have in the past, we decided we’d throw her creations up here. Her first portfolio. I love this kid.


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Lucy’s 4th Birthday!

My daughter is a fan of birthdays. Like, she’s been planning her party for 364 or so days. Last year’s Minnie Mouse party was such a hit, she had big plans. She’s to that super fun age where you can ask, “What kind of birthday party do you want?” and really have no idea what answer will come.

So when I asked this year, her answer was, “An Angelina Ballerina dance party with gymnastics wands.” And what would you like to eat? “Doughnuts and hot chocolate.” Done and done.


I made her invitation on my iPad using the “A Beautiful Mess” app. I basically just grabbed an image from a google image search, erased the text, and added my own.


So I have to say, having a Mimi around to help with party prep changed it from “Oh my gosh I’m stressed out and have so much to do and no time to do it.” to “Oh my gosh I’m days away from giving birth to my third child and yet somehow am totally pulling this off and not at all stressed out.” I’m pretty sure there’s a proverb about a good Mimi being worth more than silver or gold.

The morning of the party we mixed up the basic donut recipe from the babycakes nyc classics cookbook. I had great success putting the batter into a ziploc bag and squeezing it into a mini doughnut maker. We did half with a cinnamon sugar [shaking them in a brown paper bag] and half of them with melted chocolate [with a little coconut oil mixed in] in a double boiler. To have “normal” looking gluten-free, vegan baked goods kind of makes me feel like a magician.


Am I the only one that loves a good tablescape? My mom and I ran out in freezing weather at 6 a.m. to grab doughnuts from my favorite doughnut shop for the rest of the party-goers. I put some doughnut holes in little paper cups and the rest were sorted by flavor onto white platters. I also mixed up some of this hot cocoa using 1/2 cup coconut cream instead of the soy creamer [which is definitely our new favorite].


I made Lucy’s birthday banner for her 1st birthday and it’s hung up at every party since. And I didn’t even use Pinterest. Was that even an option four years ago?


Here’s our hot chocolate bar. We had some marshmallow bits mixed with cinnnamon and sugar, some mini marshmallows, some candy canes, and some mini chocolate chips. I also dipped some larger marshmallows in melted chocolate [and dipped about half of them in crushed up candy canes as well].


We used mod podge to glue some doilies we folded in half onto the pink cups to be a bit like cup cozies. And Mimi found those amazing [and much requested] princess wands at Michaels. Speaking of Mimi-wins, she made a special trip to get that sparkler candle from a particular Publix after I scoured the internet with no luck.


Princess Angelina Ballerina birthday girl ready to party! She looks a bit apprehensive because Landon’s trying to get in her shot.


Speaking of Landon, he’s the sheriff of this party. [Oh my gosh I love that face!]

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Lucy Lately

lucy lately

Me: “Hey, Lulu, what are you doing with all that hay?”
Lucy: “I’m celebrating.”
Me: “Okay. What are you celebrating?”
Lucy: “My birthday.”
Me: “So you want a hay birthday instead of an Angelina Ballerina birthday party?”
Lucy: “Um, no. This is my hay birthday. My pretend hay birthday. That’s all.”

Lucy: “Mom I made a dream last night and it wasn’t scary! It was about iPhones and they had games on them and you let me play them!” [Keep dreamin’, kid.]

[Right this minute]
Lucy: “Hey you wrote Lucy up there.”
Me: “Yes, I did.”
Lucy: “Did you also write water bottle?”
Me: “No.”
Lucy: “Are you writing something about me?”
Me: “Yes. Because you say funny things.”
Lucy: “Can I watch Handy Manny now? The one where he goes to the airport.”

We were at the playground last week and she introduced herself to a few girls her age. They were playing tag and when they switched to “Ring around the Rosie” Landon wanted to join in. But, you know, he doesn’t have any words and he’s a boy. As soon as she sees him standing outside the circle she yells, “Everybody stop! That’s my brudder and he wants to play too.” And then I cried. Seriously. Right there on the playground bench.

[Singing in the back of the van.]
Lucy: “Oh oh oh, you’re my mom. And you’re so big. Oh oh oh. And you keep getting bigger. And you’re my mom.”

Lucy: “Mom, how do you show my friends the pictures I ask you to take?”
Me: “Uh, I put them on the internet…”
Lucy: “Yeah, but how do they see them?”
Me: “Well, I usually put them on Facebook and their moms probably show them.”
Lucy: “Well, how do you take them?”
Me: “Um, there’s this app called Instagram.”
Lucy: “And it let’s you take pictures?”
Me: “Yes.”
Lucy: “Does it make a noise when you push the button?”
Me: “Actually, yes it does.”
Lucy: “And then you send them to the place to show Cassie’s mom?”
Me: “Yeees…”
Lucy: “Okay.”

[Standing on two HotWheels tracks, holding two more as poles.]
Lucy: “I’m trying to ski.”
Me: “Yeah, I see that.”
Lucy: “But I’m not going very fast.”
Me: “I’m sorry.”
Lucy: “I’m just gonna give up.”

[This one is still making me laugh so I’ll include it again.]
So Lucy threw up a few times last night. But the worst part was that she kept apologizing for it and breaking my heart. She seems totally fine otherwise, it’s sort of strange. But as she’s laying in my bed this morning she says, ” There’s no food in my belly [pat, pat] because last night I had a lot of mouth accidents.”

[Looking at the new tile floor Chuck laid in a brick pattern.]
Lucy: “Oooooooooh Mom, you guys made me a hopscotch board to dance on. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.”

[Balancing pillows on top of each other of the floor.]
Lucy: “Buddy, back up! You’ll ruin my masterpiece!”

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Lucy Lately

I actually have four posts half-written and saved as drafts. But instead I’m going to laugh.

lucy lately

Lu: ” Mama, is it okay if I teach my baby brother Spanish?”
Me: “Totally.”
Lu: “Okay! Uno, dos, circle, seis.”

[Driving over fresh asphalt.]
Lu: “What is that smell!? It smells like stinky socks. Or cake.”
[Should I, as her cake maker, be insulted? :)]

Lu: “Neighborhood. That’s the place where I live. Neighborhood. That starts with the letter Neigh. Mmmm. And borhood. Yeah. That’s it.

Lu: “Come on Buddy, let’s clean up this mess before Daddy sees it.

[After a Landon meltdown]
Lu: “Heeeey. It’s okay Buddy Boo. I’ll make it better. I’ll pet your hair like this.”

Lu: “Mom. When Christmas comes and it’s Jesus’s birthday and we’re making him a cake I’m pretty sure we should make one that wont make me sick. So I can eat Jesus’s cake. Oh, and I think he wants marshmallows in it.”

Lu: “Um… This… Fell? Into my hands? Because I wanted to play with it even though you told me not to.”

[Stuffing wads of play money into her wallet.]
Lu: “I’m gonna be a mommy. Me and my brudder are playing house.”
Lesson learned: to be a mommy you have to have wads of money.

Lu: “Dear, Jesus. I want to speak Spanish. Help me to teach Buddy Boo to play house. And I want to speak Spanish. And thank you for my friends. And I want to speak Spanish. And I’m going to have a baby sister to wear all my old clothes. And help me speak Spanish. Amen.”

[Lucy has this “pet” squirrel that comes to the window every morning when we’re eating breakfast.]
Lu: “Pet squirrel, I’m gonna buy you a toy for Christmas. You’re gonna have to wait a long time and you’re gonna like it.”

Lu: “Pet Squirrel, I’m gonna build you a cave so you never go away. Or at least so that you come back.”

[Referring to her out of town family.]
Lu: “There are only two cousins in this town.”

[After meeting a new friend.]
Lu: “Mom! There are two Bellas in this town! There’s ‘you’re my best friend and we go to to the Magic House’ Bella and there’s ‘I just met you at church’ Bella’!

Me: “Did you have any good dreams last night?”
Lu: “Yes! I had a dream that I was older and I went to work with Daddy so we could play basketball!”

lucy lately

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Lucy’s First Dance Recital

Remember a long time ago when I mentioned Lucy would start dance classes soon?

She spent over five months whirling and twirling and learning the basics of listening to a teacher. They learned about dancing in their own space. Social graces like apologizing and saying excuse me. They learned quite a few french words and the moves to accompany them. It was, overall, such a wonderful experience. As long as she wants to dance, we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

So here are a few pictures from her debut as a bunny frolicking in the forest with Little Red Riding Hood.

lucy's first recital

Sorry, Lucy, I’m afraid you’ll always be the fair-skinned one on stage.


Thaaaaaat’s my girl.


She realized she was quite the star when she got her flowers.


I love that you can see her neon green bandages sticking out on her knees.


Still on her tippy toes.



“Poppa, I mustache you a question about this thing on your face.”



Backstage divas.


Lucy’s First Recital from Beth Baker on Vimeo.

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Lucy Lately

A few Lucy moments to brighten your mood.

[Looking out the window.] “Thank you, Jesus, for making it stop raining.”

Lu: “I am Ballerina Jesus!”
Me: “Um, do you mean a ballerina for Jesus?”
Lu: “Yes! I am Ballerina For Jesus.”

Me: “Take that costume off, we’ve got to take Landon to the doctor.”
Lu: “Okay!!!!!!!! Buddy you have to go to the doctor so that we can get lollipops!”

[To Landon, while watching a slideshow of pictures] “Buddy, that’s me kissing you when you were a baby. I liked to kiss you ’cause you’re my brudder.”


[Chuck is outside mowing, Lucy is sitting with her legs criss-cross by the door, whispering.] “Daddy I want to go outside with you. Daddy I want to swing high up in the sky while you work. Daddy I want to go outside with you…”

Newest phrases: “Oh, my!”, “That’s awesome!”, and “It’s okay, Sweetheart.”.

“Bear Bear is my baby sister and she likes to eat cake with me. But then she got something in her eye and I had to take her to the doctor. But he fixed her up.”

[Lucy hiding under some pillows, watching Netflix on the Kindle. I can’t see her but I can hear the Kindle.]
Me: “Uh, Lucy, where are you?
[Pops head up, completely scaring me.]
Lu: “Ummmm, noffing?”


Me: “Lucy, we need to clean your room today – it’s super messy.”
Lu: “Oh, it’s okay Mom. I’ll just mess it up again.”

[We’re painting and Landon paints a streak down Lucy’s face.]
Lu: “Landon, I am not paper! That is not the right way to share paint!”

Me: “Lucy, why do you watch Barney? What do you like most about him?
Lu: “Angelina Ballerina!”
Me: “No, what do you like most about Barney?
Lu: “Oh Mom, I already told you. Angelina!”

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