Unit Study: Oceans [Homeschool Kindergarten]

After a lackluster first week, we decided to focus our second week around a subject of Lucy’s choosing and she picked: the ocean. Perfect!

I started out by making a Pinterest board and seeking out some inspiration. So many smart people out there with so many ideas.

Then I took a couple sheets of paper and wrote out my favorite ideas:

– Make a fish stamp [with an apple, potato, eraser, etc.]
– Identify different kinds of boats [use books and toob boats]
– Fish Subtraction Center
– Tide in a bottle
– Gross Motor Ocean-themed game [see below]
– Draw a fish and label its parts
– How much is that fish money game
– Lego dropper game
– Make starfish cookies
– Videos to watch
– Where do you live [sea/land] game
– Sea level experiment
– Ocean levels in a bottle
– Kinetic sand play
– Seashell sort [big vs. little & smallest to largest]
– Fishing puzzle word match up
– Introduce Montessori Math beads
– Water bead sensory play
– Match toob animals to flashcards
– animal beginning sound game
– Pattern block or tangram fish
– Make a jellyfish
– Five Oceans song
– Map play or puzzle

I started out with a pretty intense list, we didn’t get to everything, but I will show you what we did!


Daddy reading the Magic School Bus ocean book before bed.


One thing we wanted to add more of was physical activity. So we made sure we were either playing outside or going on bike rides every day [I promise we aren’t in pajamas all the time. :) If it’s not too hot at night we put everyone in pajamas and take a lap around the neighborhood].


I also worked more towards understanding her best learning style and we discovered she really enjoys listening to… everything! So we got some books on cd from the library and made sure we set aside time to listen to our Phonics Museum phonics cd.


We introduced the Montessori bead stair because she’s working on her 5-9 doubles for math and the higher numbers are a little trickier!



I knew we were on the right track for making school more fun this week when little brothers wanted to join in.


Math doubles practice with a twenty chart and gems.



Practicing our hundreds chart outside.


She fished for the animal and then found the matching cards. She enjoyed this but wished there weren’t so many animals with ‘s’ names. Hehe.


We found this Lakeshore Subtraction Center at the thrift store and it was perfect for the theme! It would be easy enough to recreate.


She worked with these tweezers while I read some ocean facts from the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Animals.


This game was a big winner. She spelled the word and then rang the bell. I’ve now decided every homeschool needs a bell.


Exploring shells with a magnifying glass. She loved this.


I loved how she thought of which animals like both land and water and put them closer to the line.


I showed her the picture and said the word and she found the corresponding beginning letter. And then rang the bell. ;)


We had such a blast this week!

Here’s our book list:

– The Underwater Alphabet Book [She laid out the Handwriting Without Tears letters while I read]
– Eric Carle’s Animals Animals
– The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Animals
– Big City Port
– Usborne’s Agent Arthur on the Stormy Seas
– Swimmy
– One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
– Dora Saves Mermaid Kingdom
– David McCaulay’s Ship

And for the previously mentioned gross motor game, I put the suggestions below into a jar and she picked them. We started our day off with these “exercises” to get the blood flowing. :)

-Slither like an eel
-Crawl like a crab
-Swim like a jellyfish
-Starfish jumping jacks
-Mirror fish [copy the other player, take turns]
-“Swim” fast
-Crank the boat’s motor
-Catch a wave
-Whale push-ups
-Cast your fishing line


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