Homeschool Kindergarten [Curriculum & Schedule]

I think the only reason I’m writing this post is because of the joy I get from reading other people’s. Weird?

We’re cheating a little because we technically started at the end of February and took a summer break. But it makes me more confident in making this list because we know these are the things that work. And we understand a little better what kind of learner we’ve got on our hands.

We have been easing into the idea of school at home with Lu. When we started in February it looked something like 25% me reading aloud to her, 15% sitting down to do traditional school work, and 60% art and free play. It worked gloriously but we do want to start adding a little structure [because she craves a schedule] and some more subjects than the math and history we used at the end of last year.

So before we jump in with both feet this year, I gave my gal a little survey to see what she liked most and least last year:

+ Blending Words
– Sentences

+ Counting to 100
– Remembering Big Numbers

+ Every Part
– Nothing

+ Hearing Stuff / Coloring Pages
– Nothing

+ Worksheets
– Nothing

Favorite things? Blocks and Building Things.
Things that were hard? No.

So here’s what we’re using this year:


Continuing with Saxon Math 1. We are about 30 lessons in and Lucy is loving it. As the survey suggests, one of her favorite parts is the hundreds chart. She loves to do it forward, backward, and while “teaching” her brothers. I like the pace of this book for her. She is challenged but it’s slow enough and builds on itself enough that she isn’t flustered.


Since our style is Charlotte Mason / Montessori / Classical / Hands-on / Student-led [hehehe] we are doing a Nature Study this year. We’ll mostly be walking around our neighborhood and a couple of nature centers that are close by.


She did ask to do more science so we’ll be doing one day a week of reading together and one day of experimenting.


For the Bible this year, we are moving past the Jesus Storybook Bible, which we love but have read through a bunch, with something a little meatier. I also grabbed a couple sticker and coloring books from Dollar Tree for her to work on while I read aloud.


Reading has been a bit of a blemish on the otherwise great time we’ve been having together. We’ve tried a few of the different “Teach your kid in 100 lessons” style books and we both end up frustrated. So we’re relaxing in this subject for a while. We’re doing moveable alphabet work and the Explode the Code books. We’re also going to start the Phonics Museum [not pictured] program, which seems slower paced.


For History and Geography we’ll continue reading and doing coloring sheets from Story of the World. We’re going to work on map skills this year as well so I made this map puzzle from this pattern and we’ll do some of the activities from the books.


We will also continue our Magic Tree House real-alouds and mapping. I can hardly believe we’ve read almost 30 books together! They have been so fun!


We are going to continue Handwriting Without Tears and as much hands-on work as we can fit in. She loves these.


To keep everything organized, we have a weekly work folder where I can have worksheets ready to go. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to work and realizing you forgot to print something.

And, as requested, we’ll be doing tons of building with our wood blocks, legos, tinker boxes, and manipulatives.

I asked Lucy if she would rather do her school right after breakfast or while Landon is at school and Cohen is sleeping and she chose the morning. So our days will look something like this:

Partial Explode the Code lesson & Phonics Museum
Saxon Math
Handwriting Without Tears

Partial Explode the Code lesson & Phonics Museum
Saxon Math
Handwriting Without Tears
Story of the World or Map Skills

Partial Explode the Code lesson & Phonics Museum
Saxon Math
Handwriting Without Tears
Science Houghton Mifflin & either Berenstain Bears or Usborne

Phonics Museum
Saxon Math
Homeschool Co-op from 9-12 [Art, PE, Music, Sign Language]

Phonics Museum
Saxon Math
Science Little Explorers Experiments
Nature Study

I am curious to see if we will have to move some things to the afternoons when it’s quieter, but otherwise I feel pretty confident in our choices. Yay!


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