K4: First Week

I wanted to start out the week like I’d imagine most classroom teachers do: setting the schedule and expectations.

The general schedule for our week will be to fit in an hour of dedicated school time the four mornings a week Landon has school.

The first couple days were spent introducing Lucy to the workbooks we’re going to start out using. She shows such an aversion to all things written [as opposed to drawn] that I bought a couple of books below her skill level to boost her confidence.


I also bought one of those packs of blank books at Target and we spent a couple days creating an “About Me” book for her. Here’s her family page where she intentionally left off her brothers. She told me later she’s okay having two little brothers, even if it means she has to keep her stuff picked up.


The star of the week was this science kit I snagged on Amazon for $8. We did the first experiment where you mix citric acid and baking soda.


She loved the measuring and quick reaction. We tried it with hot and cold water as well.





We played a few games and lined the alphabet magnets up in order to clear out the summer fog.



If you want to get my daughter to sit still for extended periods of time, this fashion drawing pad I got her seems to be magic.


doll fashion girl had *quite* a few updates this week.


For anyone with a creative kid who makes you more treasures than you could ever hope to keep, I highly recommend going to blog route. We tried out the artkive app and liked it okay but I had to email the creations when I uploaded them. This way Lucy can go back and check out her work and I don’t feel bad about sending out 15 emails on a particularly creative day.

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