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You guys, I’m going to call this week a ‘lost week’. Ever had one of those? We had a full week of fevers and sickness. Days were a little blurry. We stayed home a lot. I wiped a lot of noses and administered a lot of doses. I hit the mat and cried mercy to tag Chuck in a few times. We watched a lot of shows. We were not so productive and I have the mounds of laundry to prove it. It was a triple whammy kind of week for sure. It felt like everything piled up, you know, on top of me.

But here we are, coming through the other side: Mother’s Day! A day to celebrate me [and you know, all of you amazing mamas too]. And I felt so, so celebrated. From the homemade card that Lucy made, “that I should keep with me for always to remember what she looked like as a baby.” An unexpected card from a friend with sweet words. Seeing so many of my favorite friends. Lunch. In a restaurant. [You know what I’m talking about.] A fruitful trip to my favorite thrift store. The whole day was divine, though I am ready to see my own mama!

[I think she really captured “the essence” of my hair.]


Today’s turn around really got me thinking. Looking back on last week, and admitting it’s all blurry, it’s best to look back on it like a comedy– though maybe it’s still fresh enough to feel like one of those bad sitcoms where you think, “there’s no way all that bad stuff would happen to one person in one week.”

So I started looking at the rest of 2014 for a funny story.



I thought back to Good Friday when Landon got his heart monitor. Of having a two-and-a-half year old wear a heart monitor. Nay, “wear” a heart monitor. Because he’s been spending his nap-time pulling the stickers off and eating the “jelly” that stays between his skin and the electrodes. Funny. And disgusting. And I didn’t realize it for several “confusing” diapers. Kids are gross.

[That’s right, bud.]

I started thinking about the struggle we’ve had with Lucy for the first part of this year. Four-years-old is sassy. And emotional. And temperamental. And illogical. And then I thought of “Lucy Lately“. There’s enough humor in those posts to last me for a few hard days.



I thought of the last few months we’ve been waiting for Cohen to get old enough for allergy testing. My sweet baby itching so much. His skin so irritated. Then a friend reminded me today of his laugh a few weeks ago. When he first started laughing he would let out these deep, rolling belly laughs but his face wouldn’t move. Stoic. It was amazing. Honestly, he still doesn’t have it figured out. Hehe.

Cohen’s Laugh from Beth Baker on Vimeo.

So when Chuck comes home I want to start by telling him the stories of the day that I can make funny. And once I get through those, maybe I’ll tell the rest. Maybe.

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2 thoughts on “Funny Story

  1. Yes to the funny! It’s almost always there, even if there is crying involved. We had a lost week, too, friend. Hang in there, mama. You’re a rockstar! Happy Mother’s Day!

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