Lucy Lately

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“I win! I finished my hot dog first! I win other things, too. Like championships. And bingo places. And breakfast, dinner, and lunch of course!”

“Pretty please with sweet cream on top?”

“Barbie, you just gotta be yourself. Everyone will like you.”

Me: “You guys have been getting up from the table before you’re finished eating and we need to practice better table manners. So when you get up from lunch today I’m going to take your plate and assume you’re all done.”
[five minutes later]
Lucy: “So I said to myself, ‘Stay in your seat!'”

[giving her a hug]
“Don’t squeeze too hard, you’ll break all my bones.”

“Mom. I was looking at Mimi’s house the other day [when we were facetiming] and I saw that her [yep] has a lot of blank walls so I made her this picture of our family. Oh, and I put it in a frame.”


Me: “Lucy, do you want to pray for dinner?”
Lucy: “Yes. Jesus, please let tomorrow be Valentine’s day.”
Me: “Why don’t you try praying for other people instead of just something you want. Maybe pray for some of your friends.”
Lucy: “Jesus, please let tomorrow be Valentine’s day so my friends can have it.”

“I don’t want to go outside it’s too cold. [Touches window.] Yes, it’s too cold. [Is forced by her mother to go outside.] It’s not too cold [It was 57]. It’s summer. Let’s go to the beach. I’ll watch your kindle in the car. We can build sandcastles. It’s summmmmmmmmer.”

[We recently had a wind storm and lost our internet connection for the night. We don’t have cable.]
Lucy: “Mom, can I watch a show after dinner?”
Me: “No, we don’t have any internet so shows won’t work on the kindle.”
Lucy: “Oh, I’ll go get the plug [power cord]. I can fix it and make the shows come back.’
[Chuck and I spend most of the night trying to explain how the internet works to a four-year-old.]

[Sitting at breakfast. Early. Very early.]
“Mom, do you like to eat? I like to eat. I like carrots and that orange stuff you made for my birthday [butternut squash]. I like pasta. I really like pasta with cheese. I like it when you make me bread pizza. I like pancakes. When I’m a mom I’m going to learn how to make pancakes so I can teach Daddy. But I don’t like soup. But I like chicken and hotdogs… [This went on for 5 or 10 more minutes.] Mom, how come you’re not talking very much? [Forrest.Gump.]


2 thoughts on “Lucy Lately

  1. Oh my goodness! Love that girl!

    And we have bread pizza at our house, too! ;)

  2. Lana Parmenter says:

    I always read Lucyisms to Paul. I wait for them.

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