Decorating With Instagram

Anybody else have hundreds of recent pictures on their mobile devices while the frames in their houses are filled with pictures of their four-year-old as an infant? Anybody?

Our kids are constantly asking to look at various slideshows on the computer. Lucy especially loves to look through the pictures of her and her brothers as babies. So we wanted to get some of our favorites off the screen and onto our walls.

My first, and most obvious, choice was to look at the various instagram printing services. In fact, nearly all of the major printers [walgreens, shutterfly] have an app that will let you print directly from your account to a store or your mailbox. The problem, I found, was that these services proved to be cost-prohibitive. Most of the prints were .35 to .40 each so when I printed the 100 I wanted [I narrowed it down to my favorite 20%!] it would have been close to $40. That seemed crazy to me.

Through the process of wanting to print from my instagram account, it occured to me that I wasn’t sure if all of my instagram pics were backed up like the pictures that I download from my camera’s memory card are.

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

My tech-savvy husband alerted me to the google plus app which, super conveniently, will back up my photos to my google plus account. I feel like everyone should know this. Does everybody know this?

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

So there’s your first level of back-up protection, but if you’re like me you want a folder of just instagram shots. I am okay with them grouped together by date, but if you want to print pictures you’ll need those square shots separate.

There are a few different programs that will let you download the files from your instagram account. I found instaport to be the easiest [the instructions for downloading are in the tutorial link below].

After I got all of my pics to an aptly named folder on my desktop, I began the process of trying to figure out how to get them printed. I came across this tutorial on Little Blue Boo. It definitely took longer than sending the prints straight from an app but with a coupon I got the prints for about .08 each. And, as a stay-at-home mom, I unfortunately have more time than money at this point in my life. Speaking of money, if you don’t own photoshop I used pixlr to change the canvas size; it’s a free web-based program my husband showed me (Look at that Chuck, two virtual high-fives in one post)].

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

Because of my coupon, I printed them through Shutterfly. I thought they printed them all a little “cold” [i.e. the shadows had a tinge of blue instead of all black] so next time I’ll stick with Walgreen’s or Snapfish. It also seemed like some of the pictures “floated” around on the paper so the boarders and frames for some of the pictures weren’t even all around. But, I feel like the biggest hurdle to this project is taking the initiative to get the pictures printed, so I didn’t feel too picky. After I cut off the extra inch on either side, I laid the pictures I wanted to use on the floor to see how many I wanted to use. It also allowed me to spread it out so I didn’t have a bunch of the same filters grouped together. To get the pics on the wall, I was inspired by this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

To make sure things start off level, we threw up a piece of tape. Always good to start off level. I also cut a piece to use as a guide for how far apart I wanted the pictures.

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

Now I need you to excuse these lower quality pictures. I have a five week old. And camera batteries are never charged when you need them to be.

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

And just for fun I threw up a few food-related pics on the doorway out of the kitchen.

decorating with instagram | hey, beth baker!

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2 thoughts on “Decorating With Instagram

  1. Jessica says:

    5 weeks old and already on the wall! Baby C for the win! And mama, too!

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