Keeping Myself Not Crazy

If you’re a mom you’ve probably been in the place where we’re at right now. We have a vivacious four-year-old, a sweet two-year-old with sensory challenges [and two hours of therapy a week], and a newborn baby. In the past three weeks we’ve said goodbye to Mimi and Poppa [sniffle], survived days home while Daddy went back to work, rejoiced to have Daddy home for winter break, overcome two bouts of a pink eye + cold virus [for the kiddos], felt smashed by a chills + body aches virus [for the mama], taken care of lots of other people’s needs [for the daddy], and mostly recently battled thrush [also for the mama, sigh]. We’ve had a bit of a rough one. Mercifully we’ve been cared for by our church family [with lots of dinners delivered to our door] and we’re singing the praises of modern medicine [hallelujah] and praying to a God that heals that we’re on the mend. Ugh. Woo!

But through all of that there’s much to rejoice in. And, for me, that’s the perspective that keeps me emotionally sane.

Sometimes it’s embarrassingly simple stuff, like the peanut butter that I buy in bulk on Amazon.

peanut butter

Seriously. Sometimes the thought of having it with my oatmeal gets me out of bed in the morning. I spent the first 29 years of my life on team smooth pb but I’ve been converted.

Sometimes it’s returning a couple toys the kids really didn’t need to buy some organizational stuff they desperately required.


What’s funny about this shelf is that Chuck and I had the luxury [yes, luxury] of sneaking out for a few hours just after Christmas to buy this for Lucy’s room. And we bought these adorable pink chevron bins for the shelfs. We paid a little more for them because we had a gift card and knew she’d love them. And the bins broke in two days. So needless to say, they went back to the store and these way less cute and way more durable bins came back in their place.


The little bins came from the dollar store. We made sure when we replaced the cute bins to get bins that were easy opened [that’s how our little princess hulked the first two]. To make the labels, we just bought some plain white rectangles and added some washi tape. [Am I the only one who has sort of okay ideas on my own and really great ideas when I collaborate with my husband? Not only that, his involvement usually ensures that the end result is greater than the vision I have in my head. It’s crazy!]


For whatever reason [maybe she’s just a fickle kid… hehe] Lucy’s room requires a lot of consideration for how it’s being used. As her interests change, we try to make sure the things taking up space in her room are things she’s playing with the most. What I didn’t realize was that adding this layer of organization to her room would make her more willing to play in there by herself. I suppose there’s something to be said for ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.

And maybe the moral of that story is: when you’re feeling crazy, organize something.

And I keep reminding myself to relax a little. I just had a baby. I shouldn’t be running at 100%. I should let my husband pick up some slack [And he has! Air five CCB.]. And I should definitely spend lots of time gazing at this sweet face.



[Oh my goodness he’s already changed so much in three short weeks!]

And if that doesn’t do it I’ll just loop this video:

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One thought on “Keeping Myself Not Crazy

  1. nataliemma says:

    “When you’re feeling crazy, organize something.”
    Good advice, BB.

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