Looking Back and Looking Forward


2013 was a whopper, am I right? It was beautiful and wonderful and full of blessings. It was scary and challenging and very, very hard. So here’s to looking back at last year and what shaped us and looking forward to what the next year will bring.


Lucy started dance classes. And she loved them. And she is amazing. And she’s ready to start them up again!



February was fun because it finally felt like gluten-free, vegan treats I made for the kids were edible. It took a while to get to that place. There were a lot of baking disasters where I questioned if I should toss the pan instead of spending the time to clean it. And Lucy loved making heart cookies for Valentine’s day [and is already asking about making them again]. Here’s the recipe we’re currently using.

decorating sugar cookies


We started out with a very snowy Spring Break!


And then everything changed when Landon was admitted to the hospital for seizures. Perspectives changed. Hearts changed. We were definitely changed.

Concern I May Have, But Worry I Will Not

Concern I May Have, But Worry I Will Not

Concern I May Have, But Worry I Will Not

We celebrated Easter [just after finding out there was a baby in my belly!]


And then in April we told my mom there was a baby in my belly!


And my handy husband gave me the gift of a kitchen makeover.

eat-in kitchen [before & after] | hey, beth baker!

And we prayed over this boy, a lot.


In May we celebrated seven years of marriage.


And told everybody else about that baby in my belly!

hey, beth baker!

June brought family time and lots of time outside.

hiking with kids

Lucy was a bunny rabbit in her first dance recital.


If you ask her she’ll tell you: she’s kind of a big deal.


This guy turned two in July.

landon's birthday

In August we started some low-key homeschool preschool.

homeschool preschool

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

And then I got a little behind on blogging. But writing this post was one of my favorites.

[this is] real life | hey, beth baker!

September brought football season and apple picking!


October and a super fun Halloween.


And in November the blog had its busiest day with this post.


December was very busy. And very fun. Celebrating Lucy turning four.


And welcoming Cohen to our family.


Looking back on the ‘ole bloggy bloggerson this year has been quite fun, too [Here’s 2012].

This little site was visited over 22,000 times with people visiting Green Beans & Red Potatoes and Mountain Bread the most. Visitors came from 109 countries [what!?] mostly by way of facebook and pinterest.

I posted 85 new posts with 487 pictures; proving I’m quite a visual person. And my number one supporter, biggest fan, and most frequent commenter was my sweet husband [thanks, babe!].

So fun.

My goal [resolution?] for 2014 is to start posting our weekly meal plan more regularly [mostly to keep myself accountable] and to continue writing so my now-a-mother-of-three mind doesn’t turn to total mush.


One thought on “Looking Back and Looking Forward

  1. First comment of 2014! I love it when you bloggy bloggerson.

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