Lucy’s 4th Birthday!

My daughter is a fan of birthdays. Like, she’s been planning her party for 364 or so days. Last year’s Minnie Mouse party was such a hit, she had big plans. She’s to that super fun age where you can ask, “What kind of birthday party do you want?” and really have no idea what answer will come.

So when I asked this year, her answer was, “An Angelina Ballerina dance party with gymnastics wands.” And what would you like to eat? “Doughnuts and hot chocolate.” Done and done.


I made her invitation on my iPad using the “A Beautiful Mess” app. I basically just grabbed an image from a google image search, erased the text, and added my own.


So I have to say, having a Mimi around to help with party prep changed it from “Oh my gosh I’m stressed out and have so much to do and no time to do it.” to “Oh my gosh I’m days away from giving birth to my third child and yet somehow am totally pulling this off and not at all stressed out.” I’m pretty sure there’s a proverb about a good Mimi being worth more than silver or gold.

The morning of the party we mixed up the basic donut recipe from the babycakes nyc classics cookbook. I had great success putting the batter into a ziploc bag and squeezing it into a mini doughnut maker. We did half with a cinnamon sugar [shaking them in a brown paper bag] and half of them with melted chocolate [with a little coconut oil mixed in] in a double boiler. To have “normal” looking gluten-free, vegan baked goods kind of makes me feel like a magician.


Am I the only one that loves a good tablescape? My mom and I ran out in freezing weather at 6 a.m. to grab doughnuts from my favorite doughnut shop for the rest of the party-goers. I put some doughnut holes in little paper cups and the rest were sorted by flavor onto white platters. I also mixed up some of this hot cocoa using 1/2 cup coconut cream instead of the soy creamer [which is definitely our new favorite].


I made Lucy’s birthday banner for her 1st birthday and it’s hung up at every party since. And I didn’t even use Pinterest. Was that even an option four years ago?


Here’s our hot chocolate bar. We had some marshmallow bits mixed with cinnnamon and sugar, some mini marshmallows, some candy canes, and some mini chocolate chips. I also dipped some larger marshmallows in melted chocolate [and dipped about half of them in crushed up candy canes as well].


We used mod podge to glue some doilies we folded in half onto the pink cups to be a bit like cup cozies. And Mimi found those amazing [and much requested] princess wands at Michaels. Speaking of Mimi-wins, she made a special trip to get that sparkler candle from a particular Publix after I scoured the internet with no luck.


Princess Angelina Ballerina birthday girl ready to party! She looks a bit apprehensive because Landon’s trying to get in her shot.


Speaking of Landon, he’s the sheriff of this party. [Oh my gosh I love that face!]

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