Lucy Lately

I actually have four posts half-written and saved as drafts. But instead I’m going to laugh.

lucy lately

Lu: ” Mama, is it okay if I teach my baby brother Spanish?”
Me: “Totally.”
Lu: “Okay! Uno, dos, circle, seis.”

[Driving over fresh asphalt.]
Lu: “What is that smell!? It smells like stinky socks. Or cake.”
[Should I, as her cake maker, be insulted? :)]

Lu: “Neighborhood. That’s the place where I live. Neighborhood. That starts with the letter Neigh. Mmmm. And borhood. Yeah. That’s it.

Lu: “Come on Buddy, let’s clean up this mess before Daddy sees it.

[After a Landon meltdown]
Lu: “Heeeey. It’s okay Buddy Boo. I’ll make it better. I’ll pet your hair like this.”

Lu: “Mom. When Christmas comes and it’s Jesus’s birthday and we’re making him a cake I’m pretty sure we should make one that wont make me sick. So I can eat Jesus’s cake. Oh, and I think he wants marshmallows in it.”

Lu: “Um… This… Fell? Into my hands? Because I wanted to play with it even though you told me not to.”

[Stuffing wads of play money into her wallet.]
Lu: “I’m gonna be a mommy. Me and my brudder are playing house.”
Lesson learned: to be a mommy you have to have wads of money.

Lu: “Dear, Jesus. I want to speak Spanish. Help me to teach Buddy Boo to play house. And I want to speak Spanish. And thank you for my friends. And I want to speak Spanish. And I’m going to have a baby sister to wear all my old clothes. And help me speak Spanish. Amen.”

[Lucy has this “pet” squirrel that comes to the window every morning when we’re eating breakfast.]
Lu: “Pet squirrel, I’m gonna buy you a toy for Christmas. You’re gonna have to wait a long time and you’re gonna like it.”

Lu: “Pet Squirrel, I’m gonna build you a cave so you never go away. Or at least so that you come back.”

[Referring to her out of town family.]
Lu: “There are only two cousins in this town.”

[After meeting a new friend.]
Lu: “Mom! There are two Bellas in this town! There’s ‘you’re my best friend and we go to to the Magic House’ Bella and there’s ‘I just met you at church’ Bella’!

Me: “Did you have any good dreams last night?”
Lu: “Yes! I had a dream that I was older and I went to work with Daddy so we could play basketball!”

lucy lately

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2 thoughts on “Lucy Lately

  1. Because Daddy plays basketball all day at work. Love it!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Eli counts in Spanish like this: Uno, dos, tres, trabo, eleven! Every time.

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