Homeschool Preschool: The Letter D

I don’t want to say ‘D’ week was a dud, but it was certainly different. It was a four day week because of a holiday so we spent Monday at the park. It was perfect, actually.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!



We also made some sensory items as suggested by some of Landon’s therapists.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker

Sensory play is kind of amazing. My little guy is a bit of a seeker. He’s a thrill seeker [and likes to climb really high and fall]. He’s a smell seeker [be it the diaper pail or fall scented candle]. He’s a tactile seeker [he likes to rub his food on his arms to feel the texture]. He’s an affection seeker [but who’s complaining there]. And he’s a visual seeker [give that boy a picture book!]. At first it was suggested that he might have Sensory Processing Disorder [google it if you must] but after a couple evaluations we’ve happily landed with the decision that he’s just a little quirky and interested. He doesn’t have the behavioral problems that could stem from SPD and he’s able to control those impulses with some positive re-direction. I mean as much as any other male two-year-old. So, with that, it was suggested to us that if we don’t like some of the ways he seeks to have his senses delighted, we provide positive solutions. We can do that.

This is spiraling to a different place than the letter ‘D’ but I’m going to go with it. So, for example, he likes to climb and fall. Instead we’ve been making sure we get some swinging time in. Or another option suggested to us was the wrap him up in a blanket like a burrito and roll him out. But he likes the swinging. And we’re working on behavior correction for the diaper pail thing. Because him sticking his head in the diaper pail is gross. But he’s a good listener. He’ll get it. And he can smell that pumpkin candle until his little heart is content. There’s a Montessori thing with “smell jars” maybe we’ll try something like that.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

For a positive tactile experience we made some homemade play dough. They would play with this stuff every day. To put it over the edge we added some scents like cinnamon to one and peppermint essential oil to another. Maybe I’ll talk about that more later, but it’s been a fun little journey so far. We are so blessed with the early intervention program we’re in right now. We initially started the program just before his second birthday when he wasn’t talking. That led to speech therapy once a week. After a few months with our speech therapist, I asked her about a couple of Landon’s quirks and she brought them up with our service coordinator who agreed that maybe occupational therapy would be useful for our little guy [I guess during his initial evaluation his scores for areas like adaptive behavior were “borderline”]. Sometimes I think the stigma around these services is that they’re for kids who have something wrong with them. Not for normal kids. Which makes me feel a little crazy. I went to speech therapy as a kid. Actually, I wasn’t recommended for speech until the ripe age of nine when we moved houses and changed schools. I loved speech. Loved. I loved the “teacher”. I loved the fun games she had us play. I loved that after being in speech for a few months I was getting better and better at the consonants I couldn’t pronounce, which meant fewer and fewer instances of being picked on for the way I talked. Why wouldn’t I want that for my kid?! Okay, sorry. Whew!

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

We started out the week with more books than these. There was a book about counting dinosaurs I thought would be an instant hit. But nope, these two were the real winners. And I’m not complaining because they’re great; totally the kinds of books you don’t mind reading over and over.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

The letter ‘D’ craft was inspired by this one. I think the construction paper letters are her favorite so we’ve had a great time doing those. The crazy part, to me, is that she wants to do them independently. I say it’s crazy because there are so many other aspects of school where she tells me she likes that it’s “Mommy Lucy time” but for the crafts she wants me to give her the gist and let her fly. I’m grateful. And to show it I lay on the couch until she’s done. ;)

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

So, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the school room. But we did spend a lot of time on the living room floor. Reading books. Stacking blocks. All of that good, definitely just as important, stuff.

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