Homeschool Preschool: The Letter C

The letter ‘C’! I’ll be honest and say I’m proud that we’re still going strong.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

I forgot to mention it last week, but it became obvious pretty quickly that we’d need a way to organize all of the fun stuff we’ve been doing. So we’ve been filing everything away in a 1 inch binder [that’s filling up a little quicker than I’d like!]. We also hang out our work for the day so that Chuck sees it when he gets home and the kids can talk to him about it.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

Here are the books for the week: The Cat in the Hat, Clifford at the Circus, Curious George, The Hungry Caterpillar [not pictured], and How to Hide a Butterfly. The butterfly book was added in because Lucy was still talking about them from last week. It’s ironic because she’s terrified of butterflies in real life. It worked out for our letter of the week because the whole book is about camouflaging.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

We focused pretty heavily on cutting and counting this week. The cutting she loved. The counting she despised [fickle toddlers]. Mead workbooks are always great so when I saw this one focused on cutting on clearance at Target, I snatched it right up. The basic idea of the book is that you have colored sheets in the back that you [the adult] can cut out and worksheets in the front. The worksheets are like stickers so they remove a piece and then snip up the strips you’ve provided and stick it on. Then when it’s all finished they can color on top of the parts they didn’t peel away.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

For counting we used Learning Resources Counting Cookies [which it doesn’t look like they make any more]. She loved this. She matched up the cookies [chocolate or vanilla and matched the colored filling] and then stacked them up and counted them. We also used the Lauri Number Play Puzzles. She’ll do just about anything puzzle related. It was when I started asking her about numerals that she declined. :)

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

One day we went camping in the living room and she opened up a Barbie hospital/clothes store. Yep.


homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

For our letter ‘C’ craft, we read The Hungry Caterpillar and did this craft. Landon lost interest in approximately 18 seconds. I thought he would like ripping the tissue paper but it was actually a little hard to rip. I already had the circles cut out on cardstock so after we ripped the paper I showed Lucy how to collage the tissue on using a paintbrush dipped in half glue, half water. She did a couple circles by herself and then asked for me to help her do a few more. We hung them up to dry and that afternoon I cut around the circle shape again [since some of the tissue spilled over the edges] and I gave her a bottle of glue to finish the craft. She had a really hard time gluing the pieces down because she wanted the caterpillar to be in a line, not in a ‘C’ shape. Which, let’s be honest, makes sense. So it would have perhaps been more successful if the paper she was gluing the circles to was already in the shape of a ‘C’.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

Worksheets were fun, as usual, and she’s working really hard to write her name. Her letters are already fairly neat but sometimes she gets so excited she loses track of what goes where. I did wonder this week if it would be a challenge for me, a right handed person to teach my little southpaw. I mean obviously teachers do it all the time, but they’re trained professionals. ;) She also requested a more challenging sheet for learning her numbers so I found one that included some tracing work [which she enjoys].

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

Uncharacteristically, we stayed inside most of the week. The temperatures were in the triple digits and mama is six months pregnant. I did keep them occupied quite a while with some Hotwheels and a tube that came with a rug we purchased. They spent nearly an hour sending cars down the tube.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

The last activity we did involved our Toob animals [we’re building quite the collection] and some flash cards from the dollar spot at Target. We went through and tried to see how many animals on the flash cards matched ones from our collection. And then she got silly and replaced the turtles with a missile and the fish with an eel. But those giggles were pretty great, too.

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One thought on “Homeschool Preschool: The Letter C

  1. I love the creative ideas that are simple and easy to do at home. And six months pregnant-way to go mama!

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