Homeschool Preschool: The Letter B

My goodness. We had so much fun with the letter ‘B’! Since it was successful last week, we used worksheets to ease our transition from weekend to school time. The key to keeping Landon occupied and happy seems to be having a lot for him to do so after he did some do-a-dot sheets I gave him some stickers. Stickers are great for working little fingers and coordination. To make it easier on him I removed the negative space part of the sticker sheet.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

He was really excited about the stickers. :)

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

Lucy has been breezing through hers so I’ve been trying to pull out some that will be more of a challenge for her.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

We started off another morning reading some books on bears that we got from the library. If you’ve never read “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, I will tell you it’s a much more fun read if you chant it.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

While the kids were eating breakfast, I hid a bunch of bear paws around the living room. I drew them freehand on a sheet of brown construction paper (with my husband’s help) and then numbered them and cut them out. I stuck them in their hiding places with painter’s tape.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

After she found them we ordered them by number on the window. She wanted to do this a few times so of course I obliged! It was seriously fun.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

For a fun day we took a ‘B’ picnic to the mall. We took rice cakes with “butter” as my kids call sunbutter, broccoli, and blueberries.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

The winning activity of the week was definitely the bumble “B”. She had a great time. It engaged her for a good amount of time. And then at the end she ran off to find those flower stickers to feed the bee. :) Here’s some directions for the craft.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

So I had this idea that it would be really fun to have a bubble bath scavenger hunt. We went through our big tub filled with all sorts of toob creatures and pulled out the things that start with ‘B’. We had everything in there from bugs to buses. I gave them sifters from our beach toys to dig stuff out. But here, my friends, is the problem. My three-and-a-half year-old was completely freaked out by the idea of bugs in the bath. There was shaking and screaming. Meanwhile Landon ate the bubbles. Mom fail. :) Learn from me. Laugh with me.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!


She did not, however, protest to the gummy bear graphing that we did. My sweet girl likes to sometimes pretend she doesn’t know how to count. I’m not sure why, but it’s obviously not vastly important [right now] that she perform that on command. The gummy bears, however, had her counting up a storm. We try to eat really healthy, but even I was a little embarrassed that this was the first time she’s ever had gummy bears. I helped her to know which color each bear should be on the sheet and then we put it in a plastic bag after so that the gummy bears she was going to eat wouldn’t sit on the marker ink [even if it is non-toxic].

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

We also made our favorite banana bread [although we always make it as muffins]. This is what my children do while things bake in the oven. :)

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

Lucy got a chance to paint one day while her little brother was sleeping.

homeschool preschool | hey, beth baker!

And we made ‘B is for berries’ smoothies. No recipe here, just threw kale, apple juice, frozen blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, and fresh strawberries into a blender.

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One thought on “Homeschool Preschool: The Letter B

  1. Your kiddos keep me entertained. I can only imagine what the response to bugs was like, probably much like my Baby A’s response to dirt in the bathtub with her MawGaw this past week! Ah our girls. Love the great ideas for the letter B. And I agree, Going on a Bear Hunt is much better in a chant!

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