Kid Art: Bubble Painting

A long, long time ago [ ;) ] I heard about this website called Pinterest and asked for an invitation to join. I started setting up my boards and realized there were tons of other moms out there doing “stuff” with their kids. Suddenly, it was easier to find and keep track of those inspirations. This “Bubble Painting” was one of the first things I pinned and I knew it would be an instant hit here [I mean art + bubbles = obviously].

My littles aren’t old enough to blow through a straw and not drink bubbles so we did it a little differently.

Bubble Painting | hey, beth baker!

To get started we pulled out our art trays. I found those at Michael’s a while back. I read about them in a Montessori Early Education book. Basically, the idea is that you have a tray or a mat and when you bring it out your kids know that it’s time to do an activity and it will help them stay focused longer.

We put some cardstock in our trays and then I remembered these bubble sets I’d found on end-of-season clearance at Target last year. They came with a tray to put the bubbles in to dip the wand and it was perfect for this project.

I filled the tray up with bubbles and then added food coloring.

To take the learning a step further, we put red food coloring on one side of the bubble tray and blue on the other. Lucy was so excited when they mixed and she had her [current] favorite color: purple!

Bubble Painting | hey, beth baker!

Landon enjoyed watching Lucy! He thought it was hilarious!

Bubble Painting | hey, beth baker!

He actually dumped his bubbles on the paper as soon as I poured them so he didn’t get any food coloring [probably for the best]. He did enjoy the sensory experience of rubbing the slimey bubbles all over the paper so that’s something.

Bubble Painting | hey, beth baker!

I’d planned on doing this outside because I was certain it would get out of hand quick but the kids were so great about keeping the bubble blowing to the tray! After we were done I just took the trays to the bathtub and rinsed them out so the cleanup was easy, too!

Bubble Painting | hey, beth baker!

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