Lucy Lately

A few Lucy moments to brighten your mood.

[Looking out the window.] “Thank you, Jesus, for making it stop raining.”

Lu: “I am Ballerina Jesus!”
Me: “Um, do you mean a ballerina for Jesus?”
Lu: “Yes! I am Ballerina For Jesus.”

Me: “Take that costume off, we’ve got to take Landon to the doctor.”
Lu: “Okay!!!!!!!! Buddy you have to go to the doctor so that we can get lollipops!”

[To Landon, while watching a slideshow of pictures] “Buddy, that’s me kissing you when you were a baby. I liked to kiss you ’cause you’re my brudder.”


[Chuck is outside mowing, Lucy is sitting with her legs criss-cross by the door, whispering.] “Daddy I want to go outside with you. Daddy I want to swing high up in the sky while you work. Daddy I want to go outside with you…”

Newest phrases: “Oh, my!”, “That’s awesome!”, and “It’s okay, Sweetheart.”.

“Bear Bear is my baby sister and she likes to eat cake with me. But then she got something in her eye and I had to take her to the doctor. But he fixed her up.”

[Lucy hiding under some pillows, watching Netflix on the Kindle. I can’t see her but I can hear the Kindle.]
Me: “Uh, Lucy, where are you?
[Pops head up, completely scaring me.]
Lu: “Ummmm, noffing?”


Me: “Lucy, we need to clean your room today – it’s super messy.”
Lu: “Oh, it’s okay Mom. I’ll just mess it up again.”

[We’re painting and Landon paints a streak down Lucy’s face.]
Lu: “Landon, I am not paper! That is not the right way to share paint!”

Me: “Lucy, why do you watch Barney? What do you like most about him?
Lu: “Angelina Ballerina!”
Me: “No, what do you like most about Barney?
Lu: “Oh Mom, I already told you. Angelina!”

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