Attention Crisis

My coffee cup nearly always has rings on the side of the mug leading down to where the surface of the coffee begins. Rings where coffee sat while other things were attended to. Things like dirty diapers and fights over wooden food. Things like clean laundry and snacks consumed. Each day my coffee’s story is the same. It gets multiple reheats and only occasional attention.

My husband and I were talking recently about an article he read about the attention crisis within America’s classrooms and workplaces. That students and workers have so deeply committed to multi-tasking that we’re no longer subject experts but proficient at many things. What kinds of things? Social networking. Image creation. What his students are deeming important. Now, of course, as we grow older there is the hope that our hearts will become less selfish and our thoughts less inward. When you become a parent, you are most definitely forced into a life of putting others needs before your own. But my mind kept circling back to that idea, “attention crisis”.

It’s so true. There are so many things vying for our time. There are so many options for how to spend our time. Living is hard work sometimes. To do lists seem to always leave tasks undone.

Before becoming a mom, I simply don’t remember having more things to do than time and energy to complete them. I try to be super transparent and say… I am not winning today. I hope you get that; I hope I’m transparent enough. I try to always answer the “How’re you doing?” question with thoughtfulness and honesty. So, how am I doing? I could honestly say this week has had a mountainous range of emotions: high enough for me to feel the fresh wind of hope and low enough to bring me to my knees. A great divide.

There were challenging days attempting to use love and logic to parent my energetic and dramatic three-year-old’s alter ego, Juicy. But there were also joyful mornings of sweet husband kisses and writing lunchbox notes.

So in true “attention crisis” behavior, here is a random smattering of this week, starting with two amazing meal plans.


Sunday: Easter lunch and dinner at friends’ houses. Perfect!
Monday: Landon has been on a crazy carrot kick so I’ve been trying to get roasted carrots on the menu more. I usually just chop my carrots up like matchsticks and put a little olive oil,s&p. Everything here was roasted in a 425F oven but I did use separate pans for the greens and root veggies since the kale came out first.
Tuesday: Tuesday we had dinner at another friends house [yes, we know we’re lucky]. It was wonderful after we’d spent the weekend with Landon in the hospital.
Wednesday: Cauliflower Poppers are simply cauliflower with olive oil, nutritional yeast, and s&p. We threw some salad in there to mix it up and the kids had broccoli and frozen veggies.
Thursday: Green beans with mustard potatoes is a family favorite. I slather the chopped potatoes with whole Dijon mustard and roast it up. We roasted the green beans this time too. We call them fries and let the kids have ketchup; ketchup = more veggies consumed.
Friday: We ended up making a Sam’s run and picked up a whole chicken so we added that to Friday’s dinner. Actually, Lucy ate most of that bird. Which kind of grosses me out when I write it. The girl can eat some meat.
Saturday: We’ve been doing Saturday night pizza nights and watching Dance Academy on Netflix. Lucy’s dream date. :) I made my usual pizza crust with Pam’s gluten-free bread mix and it was sensational.

Meal Plans

Sunday: We had to be at Church at 5 so I wanted something light. I made my angel biscuits and put a slice of mozzarella and half a slice of thick breakfast ham on them while they were still warm. My goodness…
Monday: Roasted Veggies with Pecan Gremolata. Stop what you’re doing right now and make this. Okay, well, at least put it on next week’s meal plan. It was impossibly easy. I used some carrots, turnip, sweet potato, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. It was also impossibly good.
Tuesday: Lentil soup with sausage and chard. Super great. Also a win. Easy way to get your kids to eat chard. Heck, easy way to get adults to eat chard.
Wednesday: Yeeeeeeah, this was well-intentioned but didn’t happen. I’ll tell you what did happen: a burrito bowl from Chipotle.
Thursday: I can’t get enough cauliflower. And I want it roasted. Soon I’ll be complaining that it’s too hot to heat the kitchen up roasting veggies, so I’m getting it in while I can.
Friday: We did have tacos but we ended up doing raw tacos with mini peppers, raw corn, avocado, red onion, lime, s&p, and cumin. We used greek yogurt as our “sour cream”. Super yummy.
Saturday: Pizza again! We used up the leftover ham to have ham and pineapple. I’m so excited there are leftovers!

Here’s my random. The way to look back at my week as shining and happy.




Capes and thumbs.


Kitchen helpers.




Favorite things.



p.s. Lucy girl requested no pictures this week so her wish was granted and Landon took the spotlight.


One thought on “Attention Crisis

  1. Love & miss you baby girl…even thou I talk to you everyday I still love reading your blogs:-)

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