Kid Inspired Design

It took me a while to get to this place where I realized that every square inch of our [comparatively] small house is valuable and we should base our design choices on what’s going to make life easy and awesome in the present [words to live by]. With that in mind, I took the art easel out of Lucy’s room and replaced it with a dress up station. With the addition of her little brother / partner in art, we relegated our crafting to the dining room table so the easel really only served to be the makeshift rocket / flying car. It hasn’t been missed and it’s only a little trek away in the playroom.

It’s important to me that the kids’ living spaces reflect who they are and what they’re in to. I had all these ideas before we had kids about how I wasn’t going to let Lucy get caught up in all the fairy tale stuff and I would help her to be a super balanced kid. [Did I mention she used the easel rocket ship to carry her babies to the grocery store all while flying away from the scary monster who mysteriously follows her for the sheer enjoyment of the chase!?]. She’s balanced, alright. She’s got this. I shouldn’t worry about molding her play time, but instead worry about surrounding her with an environment that’s going to spark her imagination. I shouldn’t worry about all the pink and purple engulfing her, instead I need to focus on what’s inside her. Giving her a room that’s going to encourage awesome free play. Letting her have that time to play independently. Being ready when she wants to give me insight into her awesome mind.

So that led me to create ‘Lucy’s Super Awesome Imagination Dress Up Creation Station’. [hehe] We are super lucky that Lucy is the youngest of four girl cousins and inherited a TON of awesome princess, ballerina, and fairy costumes as her cousins outgrew them. So many that they weren’t fitting so great in the cloth box they’d been living in. [We also found some cheap costumes in the Marshall’s clearance area and Target after Halloween.]

kid inspired design [dress up imagination station]

The whole project cost us about $42 but I feel confident that all of the things we invested in are organizational pieces that will be useful long after Lucy outgrows her dress up phase. I did have to spend a little mental energy getting over the picture pinterest perfect idea I had in my head of what Lucy’s room should look like. And fight the desire that I should hold out for some amazing [but probably expensive] child-size vintage wardrobe would find it’s way to me. Here’s the break down:

Garment Rack: $19.99
Plastic Hangers: $2.40
Metal Skirt Hangers: $8
6 Storage Bins: $6
Mirror: $6

kid inspired design [dress up imagination station]

And it works with her rainbowy, carousely, vibrant, colorful thing she’s got going on in her room.

kid inspired design [dress up imagination station]

I think the mirror was her favorite part. I wasn’t really surprised because she’s that kid in dance class who can’t take her eyes off herself. Chuck pointed out that she can use the mirror to work on her dance moves, so hopefully her vanity will not be impaired. The look on her face when she came in her room to see her “pecial urprize” will stay with me for a while. Worth it.

kid inspired design [dress up imagination station]

“Lucy, how much do you love it?”
“Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.”


3 thoughts on “Kid Inspired Design

  1. Angela says:

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this with our mess of a dress up box for a while now. So whenever you’re ready to come help I’m in! I too had been waiting/hoping for the perfect piece of furniture to just appear – no such luck so far!

  2. cpersimmon says:

    I’ve pinned so many of these things on Pinterest… Like I might actually figure out how to make one, lol. Maybe this summer. Love Lucy dancing by it, hehe!

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