BLKC: [Inititation]

blkc : initiation

There’s this moment when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office after your kid has received their diagnosis for allergies or asthma when the doctor sends a nurse in and they give you a mini-emergency response course for the steps to take if need arises. And I remember very clearly the doctor explaining, even though it was two years ago, that the instructions the nurse was going to give were not an “if this happens” but a “when this happens” kind of thing because the allergies our kids were facing would, inevitably, lead to a crisis at some point in their lives. So we learned about epi-pens, how long to wait before dialing 911, and what to do first in an emergency. And every six months or so, when I take the kids in, I get a similar lesson- which beyond being informative, helps you maintain the diligence needed to be an allergy & asthma mama.

And yesterday, I got to test out my training when Landon joined the Blue Lips Kids Club [totally a made up club]. He’s been battling a little cold and congestion for a few days so he’s been a bit off his game as far as energetic eighteen-month-olds go. When he got up from his nap, the first thing he wanted to do was grab a snack. Everyone’s quiet time/ nap time ended at the same moment [it seemed] so we were tangled up in a bit of chaos. Landon was situated at the table when there was a knock on the door, so I went to answer it. As I reached the door, I heard this awful, intense scream. I turned around to see Landon red-faced and drooling. I ran over to him and asked Lucy what he put in his mouth, trying to figure out how he’d reached something he was allergic to. She said he didn’t have anything and gaily pranced away [yes, really]. Landon began trying to put his whole hand inside his mouth and was scratching his tongue. I tried to pick him up and his body was rigid and he was arching his back. I started rubbing and beating on his back to help him make those coughs more productive.

Thankfully, mercifully, we keep his nebulizer set up all the time so after I frantically gathered his medicine, we were able to start a breathing treatment. He was extremely upset [of course] and about a minute into the treatment his lips began to turn blue. His body was still rigid and he began to tremble and sweat. I knew the medicine would help so I pressed on, counting the seconds in my head until I would grab an epi-pen. But thankfully, and once again mercifully, I could feel him begin to relax in my arms and take in bigger breaths of medicine. His lips returned to pink and he began to try to suck his thumb [I’ve never been so thankful to see that!].

The trembling didn’t go away for a while so we had him checked out that night. The nurse told me over and over that my response was perfect, which made me laugh a little. It’s only through the grace of God that I was able to get medicine into him so quickly, and that his response to the medicine was so immediate. The doctor told us coughing had caused his airways, which are constantly constricted because he’s an asthmatic, to become blocked by some mucus that he couldn’t work out [There was a metaphor about how if an adult’s airway is the size of a garden hose, a kid’s is the size of a straw and an asthmatic kids is the size of a coffee stirrer.]

Today he seems recovered. Well, beyond the double ear infection he’s also fighting right now. My poor sweet boy. It wasn’t until later that night that I realized that in the week prior to this [his first] attack I’d had a number of people [seemingly] randomly ask to pray for the kids. They prayed healing over them, but I realize now that some part of that was for future healing. There are no coincidences. Wow. So, if you would, pray for my little guy. A cold stinks but when you have asthma a cold can be dangerous. And maybe pray for me too. I’m trying not to be on falcon allergy mama priority alert 24/7. To trust my children to God.

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2 thoughts on “BLKC: [Inititation]

  1. lana parmenter says:

    God bless you, Beth, mother-of-the-year! My hearts constricts when I think of how you felt through this trauma. I pray for the four of you daily.

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