First Trip To The Dentist

My sweet girl hit another milestone recently. One she was extremely excited about when she found out it’s something her older cousins also do: she went to the dentist!

I thought it was such a positive experience, though that may partially be true because of the discouragingly low expectations I had [you see, Juicy has a few sensory issues (read: she doesn’t like people in her face)].

Lucy's First Dentist Visit

[Yes, she dressed herself. And she likes it.]

I thought there were a few things we did to make the trip more successful so I thought I’d share those. First, I let her come to my last appointment [six months ago] so nothing about the experience was [brand] new for her. Also, I made her appointment right after mine so that she got to watch everything first.

Our dental hygienist is amazing. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. She’s a pro and she knew just what to do to make Lucy comfortable. She threw some Disney on the tv. Gave her the pillow and shades to “relax” with and made sure I was able to stay within hand-holding distance. She also shot water across the room [giggles] and let Lucy spray some into a cup and suck it up. She explained everything so well that Lucy sat in the chair and let her work her cleaning magic.

Lucy's First Dentist Visit

And then she ended the trip with rewards. You know, just in case Lucy didn’t love her already [impossible]. Lucy is still talking about the princess toothbrush and toy camera [no skimping here!]. Seriously. I just really love when other people make your life as a mom easier.

Lucy's First Dentist Visit

The dentist, however, she was not such a fan of. :)


2 thoughts on “First Trip To The Dentist

  1. Beth IS the best. She has that special ability to kind of remember a ton about you every 6 months.

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