Life With Lucy

I know I’m not going to want to forget these days.
I know they can be hard. And challenging. And sanity-stealing.
But they also always feel worth it. And rewarding.

Today was one of those days. You know, when you experience every possible emotion – most of them at the hands of your children. Days where within the same hour you can feel both confident in and embarrassed by how you handled different situations.

But I want it to be funny.
Does that even make sense?
It just feels like if there’s enough to laugh at when the day ends you can box all the crazy up and start fresh the next day.
I don’t know if that’s healthy.

this kid cracks me up

But here are all the things my daughter said today [yes, just today] that made me laugh.

Lucy: “Dance with me, Buddy.” [Grabs his hands].
Landon screams and throws himself on the floor.
Lucy: “This will not do. A princess does NOT dance alone.

[While raking gumballs.]
Lucy: “This is hard work. I don’t want to do this anymore.”
[Goes over to gumball tree and starts to push on it.]
Lucy: “I’m gonna clean you up like a Christmas tree.”

[I’m cooking dinner while Landon is in his highchair eating his first dinner (he eats two… every night)]
Lucy: “Now, Buddy. Mommy is going to open the oven door and it’s very hot so you shouldn’t touch it. I touched it and I burned my fingers and it hurt for a long time. Don’t touch it.”
Me: “She’s telling the truth, Landon.”
Lucy: “Yes. I’m telling the truth because that’s what my teacher at church told me to do. You have to tell the truth.”

Lucy: “Thank you for no broccoli. I really like this pizza. It’s making my tummy feel better. And it’s making my mouth very happy. But Buddy can’t have it [not true]. It would make him sick [also not true]. I need to eat all of it [true].”

Me: “Lucy, why did you say that mean thing to Daddy? That wasn’t nice and I think you hurt his feelings?”
Lucy: “Well. I think I’m very sleepy.”
[Happens to me too, kid.]


3 thoughts on “Life With Lucy

  1. mimi2four says:

    and WHERE does she get this stuff? So great to have a princess in the house! :)

  2. So funny. I also love how well Lucy punctuates.

  3. lana parmenter says:

    Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!!!!!

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