Lucy the Princess Ballerina

The princess title is self-proclaimed. :)

My sweet little girl is reaching a milestone this week: she’s going to her first dance class. I spent hours [and hours] researching dance schools. And then I realized how crazy expensive dance classes are [who knew!?] so we added it to her Christmas list. That genius idea was inspired by my friend Melonnie and I must say, it’s kind of a combination of practical/magical/gift-that-keeps-on-giving amazing.

Lucy is ready. I mean, she’s been training for this day for years. Literally. When she learned to walk it seemed running and ballerina twirls were immediate as well.

And she’s serious about it. We rented some dance class videos from the library [like this one] and she diligently watched them and memorized the moves. I know I’m biased but I think she’s fantastic. And I’m so, so very excited for her. I get to attend the first class with her and I can’t wait to see her face. She’s already talking about the new friends she’s going to make, who are also ballerina princesses.

To get her ready for class we had to make a ballerina bag with her name on it. I flipped through 101 One Yard Wonders [which I totally recommend] and found a pattern shape. I then scaled down the pattern to make something Lucy-sized. The ballerina inspiration came from this completely adorable little number.

bag for ballet class

I also let her try on her ballet outfit and do a little pre-class practice to her favorite music. She loves Mozart. Seriously. Begs for it.

Now let me shower you with too many some pictures of my awesome ballerina princess.








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4 thoughts on “Lucy the Princess Ballerina

  1. Love our princess ballerina :-). How exciting…. Can’t wait to hear all about it… Awesome job on her bag mommy :-). Love you guys!

  2. You could really tell Lucy had done her homework.

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