2012: A Year In Review

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t need January to come to make a change in my life. My desire to better myself is not seasonal.

I do, however, love a good year-end review. Love.

2012 was the year of learning contentment. Or at least trying to. Discerning what we need. Being thankful for what we have. Being mature enough to ascertain the difference.

Let’s look back, shall we [thank you social media; here’s the highlights of 2012’s status updates!]?



*Landon took a 5 hour “nap” this afternoon so he could ring in the new year with us. Sweet boy.

*Today can be summed up by my experience at Target: Lucy cried through the entire trip and then screamed potty and peed in the cart. After cleaning that up, I got everything from the cart loaded on to the belt when I looked up to see that the man in front of me was an extreme coupon-er. And half of his coupons wouldn’t scan. So I held both of my children (because Lucy’s shoes were wet) and waited to check out. Not winning.

*chickpea and oat chocolate chip pie and smokey chipotle mac n cheese. both = awesome. weekends = awesome. husband = awesome.

*Vegan tofu brownies are in the oven and I’m (according to Chuck) one step closer to being a hippie.

*It’s official. Lucy and Landon are wearing the same size pants today.

*old lady #1: “boy you’ve got your hands full.”
old lady #2: “looks like she’s got it covered to me.”

every time i leave the house there’s somebody telling me how full my hands are. crazy.

*Target had knee highs on clearance = Lucy got some new leg warmers = Lucy is supremely happy. Simple math, really.



*Last night we were driving on Olive and Lucy pointed at City Lights Church and said, “I want to go.” Awesome! I love it!

*lucy to landon: “this banana has a sticker on it!!!”

*It seems like L+L took turns napping today. I feel like I had kids either cranky or napping from 8 am to 8 pm. Let the three day weekend commence!!

*better oats raw pure & simple (rolled oats, barley, wheat, flax seed, quinoa, & rye), peanut butter, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and almond milk. z-o-m-g.

*In the backseat, making up motions to the Marching Mizzou cd she asked to listen to. Reppin’ the Tigers tee she asked to wear. No big deal. Fake hashtag: #tiger4life



[Look at those cheeks. He’s been teething for almost a year. Oy.]

*The UPS man asked me to check my packages today and make sure they were all mine and not duplicates. Nope. All mine. I am swimming in groceries and new shoes. I love the internet. ;)

*Just reminded Chuck Baker that today is daylight savings and he replied, “My entire day is ruined now. Beth Baker you just stole an hour from my life.” So dramatic. So not a morning person.

*Four years ago I had a dream that one day I would walk into my backyard and pluck delicious asparagus. I planted seeds and nurtured them. I did my best to ignore the asparagus ferns that taunted me every year. And let me tell you, the reward is coming. Oh baby.

*Things you don’t want to experience when you’re doing home improvements: your husband coming up the stairs hiding his hand and asking for a rag. Question 1: Do you still have all your fingers? Question 2: Is looking at this going to make me pass out? Have no fear. Crisis averted. By an inch. ;)

*Lucy just stole steamed broccoli off Landon’s plate. Winning healthy lunch. Not winning sharing. Womp womp.



*Today we drove past a Home Depot and Lucy screamed, “No Mommy. Please. No no.” I guess we’ve been there a lot lately… Sorry kid.

*Mimi and Poppa have come and gone. They left in their wake four happy/sad hearts, amazing Mimi never comes empty-handed outfits, bags of kona coffee and macadamia nuts fresh from Hawaii (zomg), and me anxious to plan our summer in Savannah. Love them. Lucky me.

*Gah. I just changed my meal plan for the whole week. Similar to not going grocery shopping when hungry, you should not go on Pinterest at 5 o’clock. Boo. Yum. Boo…

*So I was chasing Lucy around the house (we do that sometimes) and she decided to dive onto her bed. She now has the imprint of a bed rail on her forehead. Sorry, but it was fun at first… right? Right?!

*Chuck Baker is ever the eternal optimist. Me: “I mean there’s hail damage on every panel. They might even total out your car.” CB: “Well, look at all these baby gumballs that fell out of the tree. I can get a head start on raking.” Buuuuuh.



*Oh you know just home with two sleeping babies on a Friday night while my husband is at the prom. :)

*After two hours I finally found Chuck’s checkbook. Last three checks written? [1] Dept of Vital Statistics for our wedding license. [2] Post office to mail wedding invitations. [3] Spirit of St. Louis Marathon. And then I nostalgically cried like a baby. Sweet memories. I love that guy! Happy 6 years of marriage on Saturday, Dude.

*I finally found Chuck Baker’s clean eating threshold. He was not a fan of the pea shoot salad. What a trooper.

*This week we’ve grilled beet burgers, sweet potato fries, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, chickpeas, kale, and pizza. I’ve only turned the oven on once. It’s been kind of amazing.

*Holly: “Tate, do you like my new profile picture?”
Tate: “Yeah! Us and our two kids… ‘we found a child in this tunnel. That’s why we’re all so happy.'”

[We hiked with Tate and Holly so much Lucy thought they were her family.]



*After having one child throw it up all over me (multiple times) and the other spitting it out the other end (multiple times) I can confidently say fried chicken is out of the Baker diet for a while. Barf.

*”Lucy I have Mimi on the phone is there anything you want to tell her?” “Mimi is pretty.” Yep

*Chuck Baker: “I think Landon is going to look like Ian Ziering when he grows up.”

*Chuck carried Lucy 5.8 miles as we hiked the moderately difficult Clark Trail at Weldon Springs. So impressed with that guy.

*Packed four grocery bags of food for Savannah. This left me with two conclusions. There’s no such thing as vegan fast food and I totally take for granted the number of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s within driving distance of my house.



[This guy turned one!]

*mini date night thanks to post-bedtime babysitting by poppa and mimi with publix chocolate chip ice cream and key lime pie. kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda perfect.

*First time to St. Simon’s Island. First time getting stung by a jellyfish. Yep. [But who’s complaining because we visited St. Simon’s Island, Tybee Island, and Fernandina Beach in one summer…]

*Welcome back to St. Louis Baker Fam. The high today is going to be 103 and your a/c is on the fritz. Boo.



[Baby carrying and fruit picking. Amazing.]

*Sometimes all a bad week needs is a great Friday. Thankful for two healthy kids, a fridge full of groceries, and a husband who does dishes.

*Lucy to broccoli: “Oh, you pretty, pretty flower. Too pretty to eat.”

*I’ve been working with Lucy to introduce herself to other kids at the playground. “My name is Doodie.” Proud Mama.

*Lucy to Landon: “Chill out, please!” At least she said please…



[Good friends.]


[Good friends?]

*Yay for babies that love quinoa. Boo for cleaning up after babies that love quinoa.

*No Lucy. No more Dora. It’s time for Gameday.

*Lucy gets out of bed and comes into the living room. “Dora, Boots, Benny, Dora.” She is a Dora-zombie.

*Super thankful for Chuck’s Mr. Mom skills over the past few days. And super thankful to be fever-free after a rough 48 hours.



*So grateful for amazing friends who let us crash for two days. And glad to be home after so many away. And glad I enjoy cleaning and laundry.

*I just put peanut butter on Landon’s banana and I feel like I changed his life. And that maybe he set some kind of banana eating record. [And then I took it away.]

*I love the Cardinals too, but if Chuck Baker wakes up one of my babies with his rally cries I’m going to punch him. In the face. [Love you, babe.]

*We’re playing with play dough. Me: “Whatcha makin’?” Lucy: “Kale.” And my work here is done.

*Watching the news this morning Lucy hears them talking about Detroit and starts dancing
the living room chanting, “T-I-G-E-R-S!”. Now to explain why that’s not okay… Wrong Tigers, Lu, wrong team.



[This picture accidentally makes me sad because it was our last outing with Her-Her.]

*My daughter has a carrot juice mustache and she just held up her juice glass and said, “Cheers me, Mama.” I’ve never been more proud. ;)

*Chuck is trying to teach Lucy to say, “My name is Lucy Baker and I’m allergic to eggs.” I think she’s got it, especially if she can start calling herself Lucy instead of Juicy.



*”Late night crafting to pull together the Minnie party of my favorite girl’s dreams. Literally. This morning she woke up and told me the cupcakes were trying to escape but she closed the door to keep them in.”

*Today Lucy told me that if I wanted I could have a princess birthday party when the time comes. She also informed me that she cannot have a Minnie Mouse birthday party next year because she will be too old. I just really like her.

*Just when you think you couldn’t possibly love them anymore, you find bouncy balls and hot wheels “wrapped” in coloring sheets and placed ever so carefully under the tree. Totally made my night.

*Lucy: “Daddy, Buddy’s poopy.”
Daddy: “Lucy you are right. You always know. Do you have a special poop detector nose?”
Lucy: “Nope. Don’t need one.”

One of the most enjoyable parts of this year was definitely the starting up of this blog. It’s just fun to come and share a little. Here’s a top five of the ‘ole blogs favorite posts. I was a little surprised!!

1. Let’s Decorate: Melonnie’s Birdie Boys Room

2. Our Meal Plan And How We Choose Food

3. On Being An Allergy Mama

4. We’re Like, Totally, Hippies! [Family Portraits]

5. Mama Confessions

What surprised me about this blog the most is the fact that in 3 months there were visitors from over 60 countries. Interesting.

So thanks for caring for our family and sharing in the silliness that I post here. 2012 was so great but I’ve got a good feeling about 2013 too.

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10 thoughts on “2012: A Year In Review

  1. LOVE this. :) Thanks for chronicling our lives.

  2. Jessica says:

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE this! Especially because I remember some of those posts! Thanks for the smile, Beth Baker! :)

  3. Melonnie Murphy says:

    I love that your children and grandchildren will have this to look back on and really hear your words, your opinions, and the things in life that you love.

  4. Her-Her says:

    I just want you to know that while that hike might have been our last outing in St. Louis in 2012, it will be far from the last outing Her-Her has with the Bakers! Miss you guys!

  5. mommalovescookin says:

    So great! Miss that East coast girl too!

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