Our Special Plate

One more post before Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. Yay!

I made our special plate this week.

our special plate

That’s not it. That’s a blank canvas. I bought that guy at Old Time Pottery for a steal.

I saw this idea a few months ago of writing on white plates with a sharpie and baking them at 350F for 30 minutes. So we did it for Lucy’s birthday and she loved it. And I have to admit it was super fun. Her plate turned out awesome.

our special plate

So when I was aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target [Kidding. I’m a mom. I’m that lady pushing my cart through the aisles like a speed demon with a shopping list] I saw the Santa cookie plates and was sentimental enough to wish we had one. Ultimately, however, I’m also pragmatic enough to not want one plate that I’m going to use once a year. So here’s what I came up with:

our special plate

This is our special plate. I hope this plate will see loads of Santa’s cookies, icing from birthday cakes, favorite dishes and desserts shared with those we love. Two birds: sentimental, multi-purpose. A win and a win.

Here’s how I did it.

our special plate

I found some paper big enough for my plate. For me this was printer paper with a junk mail envelope attached to give a little extra width. Turn the plate upside down and trace around the outside. Then turn the plate right side up and trace around where the base of the plate meets the paper. That will help you figure out where to write what will be in the middle of the plate and what will be on the rim. It will also give you an idea of what the plate is going to look like. I decided to use my block printing instead of trying to mix up the handwriting. Ours says:

*This is our special plate

*We use it every time we have a reason to celebrate.

You’re a shining star. Friends to hold dear. A job well done. Cookies for Santa. Celebrating your birth. It’s a party.

So you can write and wipe off and write again until your heart is content. Then throw the plate in your hot oven and bake the words right on. Now I don’t know how this would hold up in the dishwasher because I mostly hand wash [gasp] but the comments on this page suggest the dishwasher will undo your pretty little doodles.

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