Handmade Christmas: Tool Belt

A Very, Merry Handmade Christmas [on a budget]!

We live in an old house. This old house [hehe] often needs sprucing. If you’ve ever lived in an old, needy character-filled house you know what I’m talking about. My poor husband: his tool belt doesn’t really get a break. Sometimes I feel like it’s a constant companion.

So my kids see tools a lot. All the time. And they want in on the action. I’ve been collecting various plastic toys as I’ve seen them at yard sales and thrift stores since June or so. [I start my Christmas shopping in December: 12 months early.] So this project cost me $1.52. After I finished it I thought, “What have I done? They’re going to fight over this like crazy.” Thankfully they’re getting another toolbox from the grandparents [We have two doctor’s kits too. I’m all for teaching sharing but they love playing dress up so much it’s worth it to have two of each.]

homemade toolbelt

For the kit I bought a 2-Pocket Canvas Apron from The Home Depot for $.77. I found a bag of all the tools except the tape measure for $.50 and the tape measure for $.25.

I could have made the tool apron but it’s hard to beat canvas for $.77 and Chuck’s dad works for THD so they’ll think it’s fun to have something more official looking. So maybe this project is semi-handmade a la Sandra Lee but it doesn’t matter how much time you spend [or don’t spend] making something if the kiddies deem it worthy of pretend play.

Here’s the tape measure. Here’s the tools. This seems similar to the drill we got. There are actually a lot of cool tool sets out there: those are just the ones I found second-hand.

semi-handmade toolbelt

To make the apron kid friendly I cut the ends off to be shorter [and less of a strangulation hazard]. I then had my favorite artist [i.e. Chuck] draw a picture of the tools on the front of the apron. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that kids love it when there’s a place for everything. Once everything was drawn on [it took him like 5 minutes, I would have agonized over making the pictures perfect for hours] I used my sewing machine to sew additional pockets so that there would be one tool per pocket.

I also bought a book from the library [you know those books they sell after they pull them from circulation] called Fix It, Sam.

I wouldn’t mind adding The Toolbox or Tap Tap Bang Bang if I can find a good deal on them.

This project only took me 15 minutes or so and it lends itself to a lot of open-ended and imaginative play. Thrift store finds, under my tree.

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