Landon’s Adventuresome Baby Boy Room

Landon is one of my favorite people [of course]! He’s so sweet and cuddly but he loves to wander off on his own exploring. I wanted him to have a room that could grow with him without being too focused on one theme [until he picks one anyway]. The goal for this room was to incorporate the brown and green elephant nursery items we already owned and add in some diy projects. Oh, and I wanted to keep it cheap so I only spent $65.

Little boy adventure room

The budget breakdown was: $11 for the framed artwork over the crib, $2 for wooden dowels, $5 for oops paint, $1 for the moose sleeping bag [yard sale], $25 for the rug at Marshalls, and $21 for the tent ($12 for the fabric and $9 for the wood supplies).

I commissioned those window cornices from my super handy husband. There’s a tutorial here that looks pretty similar but we used luan board instead of foam insulation. They’re great because every time I get bored of them I just add some new fabric. On these particular cornices I used a painter’s drop cloth for the beige material and then added the brown on top. The fabrics aren’t connected to each other: they’re both stapled to the board in the back.

dinosaur print on wall

The first thing you see when you walk in to Landon’s room is some artwork I made for him. To make it I covered the glass from the frame with mod podge and covered it with more of the beige painter’s drop cloth. I found the dino excavation plaque at Target on clearance a long time ago so I used hot glue to attach that to the fabric after it dried. I used a freezer paper stencil and some brown paint to print the word “roar”. To make the dino tracks I used an exacto knife to cut them out of a transparency sheet which I then used like a stencil on the wall. I’m kind of surprised how much the kids like the painted tracks and it was a 15 minute project. Worth it.

book and music station

This is our book and music station. We spend a lot of time here [or sitting on the rug in front of here]. The cards on the wall are Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards and I just picked out the three that corresponded with his initials. They love to explore the instruments. Everything is fair game! The stained chair is probably the most comfortable chair in our house. I decided to stain it green because there’s already an oak desk on oak floors: it was a good place to add color.

landon playing guitar

He likes to pluck…

moose sleeping bag and tent

I found the moose sleeping bag at a yard sale for $1 and I made the tent from this tutorial. Kids love tents and when they’re not playing with it I can tuck it behind the crib for easy storage.

closet organization

Am I the only one that loves a well-organized closet?

cubes with map

These cubes have been with me since my college days. They’ve had many jobs. Right now they hold Landon’s clothes behind the doors and his toys in the baskets. I found those baskets at Target a while back for $12 each [when these cubes lived in our living room and held dvds. Chuck brought me home a box of vintage National Geographic maps from the school library one day. He saved them from the recycling bin. And that is why I love that man. Best gift ever. To hang the map I used this tutorial.

map covered furniture

The sides of the cubes are covered with maps. I saw the idea on pinterest but the website where I first saw it has since been taken down. To do it I covered the cubes with mod podge and then placed the maps collage style. I sealed the whole thing with another coat of mod podge. I think it’s holding up so well because I didn’t do any corners.

mod podged cubes

On top of the cubes we keep our cloth diapers, a truck, and our cloth wipes warmer.

landon loving moose

I think he genuinely enjoys his room. And I love it too! But is a room ever really done for a crafting mama? :) Hopefully we’ll add these adorable felt logs to our tent set up soon!

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2 thoughts on “Landon’s Adventuresome Baby Boy Room

  1. Awesome! Lucky lil boy! Love him bunches!

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