Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

Three is a fun age. Three is inquisitive and opinionated. Three is passionate. I’m really enjoying three.

Lucy’s been asking when her birthday is for about three months. Pretty much since we got home from the last birthday party we attended. She’s been “baking” cakes in her play kitchen and practicing blowing out the candles. She’s been super pumped. So about a month ago I asked her what kind of party she would like and without hesitation she said she’d like a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. That’s cute but what’s really impressive to me is the fact that she did not waver from that desire. Yay!

So I set up my pinterest board and away we went [that’s totally party planning 101, am I right!?].

minnie mouse birthday party invitations

The first thing I did was make some invitations. I didn’t want something “character-y” so I decided to make my own. It was pretty easy [though a smidge time consuming]. I used a cereal bowl to cut out a black and red circle and a drinking glass to cut out the two black circles for the ears. I attached the small circles for the ears with glue and then used some black polka-dotted washi tape on the back, just for fun. I then cut the red circle in half and attached it using my sewing machine fitted with yellow thread. I cut the dots out of white construction paper and glued those on. Martha Stewart can teach you how to tie the bows like my yellow ones. Once those were tied I sewed them on to Minnie. Since I only sewed along the bottom of the red circle I had a little pocket to put the card with the party info. Here’s where you can download the Disney font. Once you download it you’ll just need to add that file to the font file on your computer.

Minnie Mouse Headbands

Here’s a great tutorial for making your own Minnie Mouse ears headband. I used knit to cover the headbands instead of felt because having bulky felt next to your head didn’t seem totally comfortable to me. I made the pink bows on alligator clips so the girls can wear them all the time. They were a big hit. In fact ours have already made a few trips to the store.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party tablescape

One of my favorite parts of a birthday party is setting up the tablescape. I bought some red wrapping paper at Dollar Tree and used it for valance and table covering. The ‘Celebrate Lucy’ pennant banner has hung at all her parties so it’s sentimental. The black flower is crepe paper glued and taped onto black posterboard. The crepe garland is from this tutorial.

Minnie Mouse Birthday PartySONY DSC

I made a little flower bouquet using a cookie cutter, some wood skewers, and some melon balls. And we had a fruit tray, popcorn, and Lucy’s favorite chips.

SONY DSCMinnie Mouse Cupcakes

The Minnie Mouse Cupcakes were my favorite. I used a butterfly paper cutter for the bow and Ghirardelli baking chips for the ears. I used this recipe for the cupcakes and Pillsbury chocolate frosting. Surprisingly Pillsbury frostings are [for the most part] vegan and it was so nice to not have to worry about trying to make a stable, tasty frosting from scratch. I used a #1M open star decorating tip. Have I mentioned how much I love cupcakes?

mbd10Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Activities

For our activities I had an amazing friend tape down a hopscotch board on the floor [Lucy’s current favorite thing, this week anyway]. I also bought some plain white plates and had my talented husband use his penmanship to monogram them for me. Then we spread out the paper and let the kids get to work decorating using sharpies. I put a card on the bottom of the plate with instructions to bake it at 350F for 30 minutes to seal in the design. Here’s where I got the idea for that. Lucy is super into asking for specific cups, plates, and bowls lately so I thought she’d enjoy eating off something she decorated.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

It was such a great party! It was over too quickly and the preparation can take a while but the smiles on her face and the way she’s been talking about it all day make it totally worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

  1. Laura says:

    Awww … that’s just so cute!

  2. Awesome job baby girl….. Thanks for sharing…. Miss you guys!

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