This Week’s Meal Plan & The Food Effect

Hello Holiday Season! It doesn’t make for the most interesting meal plan but it does make for a delighted belly!

Sunday: I’m keeping strong with the leftovers on Sunday theme. I did not realize what a pleasant respite it would be to take one day off of cooking. Silly.
Monday: Butternut Squash with Pistachio Pesto. I’ve decided I like this heavy on the lemon and pistachio. Like maybe next time I make it I’ll double the pesto.
Tuesday: Cabbage Quinoa Salad. Very quick throw together meal.
Wednesday: So we had plans fall through Wednesday and that meant we got to add a pre-Thanksgiving feast to our week. It was delightful. I made chai-spiced butternut squash [no recipe, just added cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice with the salt, pepper, and olive oil I usually use]. I made Martha’s Asparagus Gruyere Tart and in a pinch switched mozzarella for the gruyere. It was good but I missed the gruyere flavor for sure.
Thursday: Lovely family time. I made some mini gf/vegan pumpkin pies so Lu got here first taste of pumpkin pie. Actually it was her first time ever having pie. I based them off this recipe. We used the pecan crust and I was a big, big fan.
Friday: Pizza on the day after Thanksgiving is kind of a family tradition. We made our own and added pineapple as the topping.
Saturday: We’re still keeping dinner simple tonight with these Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Burritos. They are delicious. We top them with black bean & corn salsa and greek yogurt.

I thought I’d share some links from around the internet this week speaking to the impact food has on your body. I feel like when I’m having conversations with people about our diets they think I’m exaggerating the powerful effects; what you put into your body makes a huge difference.

The Food and Mood Connection
How Does Food Impact Your Health? Nutrients give your body instructions about how to function.
How Does Diet Affect Body Odor? Lots of meat makes your pits stink. Yep.
Fatty Foods Affect Memory and Exercise Performance
Another article on Food & Mood.

Oh, I’m such a nerd. A nutritional food nerd. Zoiks.

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One thought on “This Week’s Meal Plan & The Food Effect

  1. mimi2four says:

    But IIII have learned so much! Will prob see some of these meals on MY table. Thanks for doing our homework for us!

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