Handmade Christmas: Ladybug Beanbags

Christmas around here is kind of a big deal. I love Christmas! The decor, the food, the tradition… the Reason for the Season. It’s such a happy holiday.

It didn’t take me too long after having kids to realize that I didn’t just want to buy them toys, I wanted them to be meaningful. So I started mixing handmade gifts in with the store-bought ones. It’s kind of amazing. I mean, you know them better than anyone, so you can create toys you know they’ll love. [I realize the idea of spending a big chunk of time to create toys may not hold allure for all]. But if you want to make a little Christmas cheer this year I thought we’d start small.

Ladybug Beanbags

We had a red corduroy dress that had a hole in it so these are upcycled from that. I started with two red cord circles, cut a half-circle with black felt, and then cut black dots with the felt. I originally [these are from last Christmas] sewed these with the right sides facing each other and turned them out, but after a few months of toddler play I had to sew around the outsides to keep the dried beans from flying out with each toss.

I love these because the story is about counting backwards from five as all the ladybugs leave the little leaf they’re on together so the beanbags totally bring the story to life. And what kid doesn’t like throwing things…

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4 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas: Ladybug Beanbags

  1. I love when you make connections between books and tactile objects!

  2. Little Sis says:

    Perfect. And that it’s from upcycled unusable dress… superb.

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