Puzzle Organization

Do you ever blow your own mind?

Anyone else’s kid crazy about puzzles?

Lucy has tons of these little Disney puzzles from the dollar store. She loves them and they occupy her for hours minutes on end [pray for me]. I’ve been giving her some solid unstructured play time lately and she goes right to the puzzles and opens four or five boxes and gets working. Sigh.

So I came up with this idea to mark the backs of the puzzle pieces with different colored bingo markers so that I could easily sort them back into their rightful boxes.

Mind = blown. I felt like a genius for the rest of the day.

And when I ran out of different colors I just started putting two colors on each piece. Though I feel I should warn you that I picked up these bingo markers at the dollar store and they are not washable: Lessons you learn the hard way.

You win some, you lose some.

p.s. My kid is a puzzle genius. She may pretend like she doesn’t know her colors, but the girl can whip together a 48 piece puzzle like it’s no bid deal.

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2 thoughts on “Puzzle Organization

  1. Aunt Lana says:

    Well, you blew my mind also. How clever!! The other puzzle for Lucy could be to get all like colored dots back in the same boxes.

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