Holly’s Beautifully Eccentric Living Room

I think my favorite thing about having great friends is feeling inspired by them: inspired in faith, inspired in motherhood, inspired in decorating. Take your pick.

That’s totally life with my friend Holly [who has a lovely blog called Holly Helps you’ll want to check out]. I’ll be honest with you. She’s cool. She’s just a stylish person. Sort of effortlessly. If she wasn’t so great I’d hate her for it.

I love the way Holly has decorated her space so I asked if I could take some photos to share.

Does anyone else immediately want to pull their wall paint onto their ceilings?

I love that Holly mixes modern pieces [like that gorgeous lamp] and the great sofa with art from her husband, a printmaker, and her mom [the wooden piece with the bird cutout].

I mentioned that Holly’s husband is a printmaker, but I think that’s downplaying his awesomeness a little. Because of that, Holly has a wealth of awesome art available to her. It’s okay to be jealous. These two prints [and the frames that house them] are courtesy of her hubs, whose work you can see here. He’s kind of a big deal.

*If you don’t have an artist husband there are a ton of ways to create art for your home. You can do it!

Tate & Holly found the Brahmans cow sign at an antique store in Georgia for $60. I’m shaking my head; are you shaking your head? It’s never happened that I’ve been driving along a middle-of-nowhere road in Georgia and wandered upon such a gem. Not one time. [You can totally tell what a dark and dreary weather week it’s been in this picture.]

Holly made those pillows you see on the bench! I love a good monogram.

If you’re a mom I think this photo will make you smile. Kids take over spaces. It’s pretty inevitable. But I love how Holly has worked with it.

The ampersand art is courtesy of the Mr. but Holly Foley is the craftermind of the rest of this lovely space. She wrote about a few of these projects on her blog. She talked about the letterpress memory drawer here and the polaroid art here. I love the idea of being able to display a lot of meaningful objects or pictures in a contained space.

So I asked Holly to share a few design tips [totally putting my friends to work] and she kindly obliged.

1) Everything needs height to it. You will rarely find a shelf/ end table/ surface of any kind in my home without some kind of height dimension to it. You don’t have to go wild in the Target home goods aisles, you can just take things you currently decorate with/ display and pop a couple books under it. Works magic. Everything looks better when it’s balanced and having some height on one end of a dresser/ book shelf and less on the other end will do wonders for your every day decor.

2) Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome. I am blessed to have a husband who is an artist and thus has friends who either freely give or trade real life artist art. That doesn’t mean you can’t find non-artist art pretty much everywhere. Antique shops are an awesome place for art. Like our Braman’s sign, or the letter press drawer. All art that hangs well on a wall yet isn’t a bank-breaker. Hit a few thrift stores and keep an open mind. You can give your home a modern eclectic feel with just a few unique pieces and for not a whole lotta cash. However, if “real” art is what you’re looking for, check out Etsy for affordable prints. Prints are cheaper ‘real’ art because they’re not one-of-a-kind. Snagging a piece in an edition of 200 awesome pieces is a super affordable way to artify your home.

3) I love salon styled everything. “Salon” styled art or photos make your home look polished, well thought-out, and complete, but believe me when I say it’s a slipper slope. You can go over board as easily as you started. Try keeping larger salon style pieces to three or four, and smaller ones to a 3 x 3ish foot area.
[If you need a salon style fyi.]

OK. and one more because I can’t not. [And who would want to stop her?!]

4) Re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose. It’s often free and can easily lead to the coolest pieces you have. (Like that dresser in our bedroom that we refinished which was totally free and superbly awesome once it was finished.) Our end tables are re-painted re-hardware’d versions of hand-me-downs, and our coffee table was a grotesque thing abandoned by a dumpster. Just some elbow grease, a can of stain or paint, and a few new additions (hardware, legs, etc.) can really transform something that used to be un-loveable. There’s that ‘keep an open mind’ thing again.

Anyone else looking around your house trying to decide what you could change? I am inspired! A big thanks to Holly for letting me share her lovely room; we might have to do a phase two to show a little more!

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2 thoughts on “Holly’s Beautifully Eccentric Living Room

  1. Lolly (Melonnie's m-in-law) says:

    That was so interesting! I picked up lots of ideas.

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