Baby, Don’t Cry – We’re Going On An Adventure

When I was a new mom and I had a bad day I would wallow in how awful it was. I would isolate myself on Baker Island and think of how miserable it was that my child would not stop crying. “Oh I can’t wait for this [cold, teething, craziness, allergies] to go away so that my sweet little babe will return. I would lament the horrors of the day for my poor husband as soon his worked-all-day feet crossed the threshold. I would call my mom and ask her what I was doing wrong. Sigh. It was tough, but I made it through.

But then that second child came along. And when he cried his sister would get the same crazy-eyed look I remembered getting during her baby days. And she would cover her ears and scream, “Chill out, Buddy.” And then I would have two screaming children. So, in a moment of desperation I drove to the mall. I stuffed that screaming baby in the ergo and awalkin’ we went. And he didn’t cry. He napped. It was amazing. And the lightbulb went off. Dude, motherhood is not [all] about surviving. Maybe those old ladies who stare at me in the grocery line before saying, “Enjoy every moment; it goes so fast” were on to something. So I stopped waiting for the weekend to go on adventures with the kids [I think Chuck totally prefers this over a ‘pack it in, it’s the weekend’ adventure round-up.]. I stopped putting a pause on life when one of the kiddos got a case of the grumpies. I bought a one-way ticket away from Baker Island.

I mean yes, there’s two of them and one of me so they’re totally winning the numbers game, but with a little preparation [snacks, a game-plan, and adventure-ready clothes] it’s pretty easy for us to have some lovely mid-week adventures. And it’s even better when we have friends to share adventures with. So today we bundled ourselves tight and took a trip to the botanical gardens with one of Lucy’s very favorite friends [whom she refers to as My Bella].

It makes me really happy to see them together; they just love each other so [so] much. So I’m going to spread some lovely love for all of you to see. I know I’m biased but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much cuter.

Having older cousins the same ages means having lots of matching [or similar] hand-me-downs!

I’ve been really enjoying this roaring like a lion thing lately. What I really love is when she combines things like “monster lion” and “t-rex pirate”.

I think she’d follow B anywhere!

The key to a successful outing is a mid-romp snack.

Then you can get back to the silliness.

We looked at the flowers. I mean, we were at the botanical gardens, and yet out of the 100 [I know,excessive] or so pics I took there were six of something other than children. It’s official- I’m the mamarazzi.

And look, like magic, he’s smiley, happy Landon. That is until it got a little too close to nap time. Can’t win them all…

So, next time your baby is a little more bananas than sweet loveliness strap ’em on and take ’em out.


2 thoughts on “Baby, Don’t Cry – We’re Going On An Adventure

  1. My dear you are an awesome Mom… It is true…. enjoy them because they do grow up to fast… remembering the year when it was just Mom & Beth… OH all the fun we had that year:-) and than time flew!!!! Love you baby girl!

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