Lucy’s [almost a] Big Girl Room

Not too long ago we decided it was time to switch Lucy’s room from the gender-neutral nursery decor we bought when she was still in my belly to something that was tailored just for her. Here’s a Lucy interview:

Me: “Lucy, what are your favorite things?”
Lucy: “Um, I don’t know.”

I had to use my mommy senses to deduce what she’d like to daily be surrounded with. She really likes princesses, art, her play kitchen, and baby dolls. So we started there.

I had some red paint leftover from our front door [which is now a beautiful smoky blue] so I started by mixing it with white to get the colors I wanted. Um, that was kind of hard. :) It’s actually the step that took the longest. I then took the hardware and smoothed it out with steel wool and put a few coats of grey spray paint on it.

Above her bed there are two canvases we painted yellow. When the paint was dry we took a vintage circus poster [because Lu is totally class clown. ;)] and cut out the letters of the alphabet. The letters were applied to the canvas with mod podge and then we used another layer of the magic glue to protect everything. The three prints to the right are by photographer Lila Longenecker. They are whimsical and fun and the best part is that Lucy picked them [they were my first choice, too!]. I wanted her to have some say in her room decor so I put a bunch of prints that I thought would work in an shopping cart and she chose these.

My mother-in-law made that blanket for Landon when he was born but Lucy looooooved it and it was the perfect size for a toddler bed comforter. Little brothers can never catch a break.

The play kitchen is Melissa and Doug. I got it on Amazon a couple Christmases ago. I put a watch on it and they sent me an e-mail when the kitchen went down to half price!! And then Amazon had a deal where you got an account credit for toy purchases. The felt cake was a gift from the lovely Holly. The plastic bin on the floor holds plastic food and the wood crate holds wood food [clever, I know]. The book shelf has a few baskets found at the dollar store. The top holds “ask mommy” toys because she needs my help to play with them. The first shelf is felt food.  The second shelf has a set of unit blocks. The banana leaf basket on the third shelf was from Target. It has all of her soft things: doll clothes, pot holders and aprons, doll blankets. The last basket has books. There were more books in her room but she went through a page-ripping phase so she’s been mostly limited to board books. The basket of books also works out because it’s really hard for her to put the books away when they’re standing on their binding. I try to make sure that it isn’t frustrating for her to put things away. I’ve found that the easiest way to get Lucy to clean her room / help me clean her room is to have toys organized in ways she can understand. If everything has a place she’s more likely to feel empowered to clean up.

The shelf houses all of our puzzles and some best-loved books. A bin for Mrs. Potato Head pieces because every kid I know likes to put those in their mouth. The wire basket holding the puzzles was actually from the kitchen storage area. The blue hanging baskets came from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It is a very fun place to visit because you have to really use your imagination to try to “see” what something can become. I think one day soon I’ll have to give everyone a peek inside Lucy’s sketch journal. It is amazing!

We brought the art easel into Lucy’s room because she uses it a lot; not just for drawing but also as a sort of tent. She goes underneath it a lot to play. I think I’m going to have to reinforce it soon though because all that un-sanctioned play is really taking its toll on the ‘ole easel. I found the chairs for $1 a piece at the thrift store. The art above the easel is from artist Paola Zakimi and it’s on etsy here. As soon as I saw the print I knew it would be perfect for Lucy. I used spray paint on card stock for the color behind the print as well as the hexagons on the wall. I made some of the hexagons darker and some lighter for a little fun contrast.

I love all of the little details of Lucy’s room. The things that make me smile when I walk in the door. It’s a room that was thought of just for her. For where she is right now and [hopefully] with a little growing room.

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5 thoughts on “Lucy’s [almost a] Big Girl Room

  1. I remember the felt food! Weren’t the girls just born and you came over for a play date and we crafted? :) And the Melissa and Doug kitchen is sweet, but I still think you and Chuck could’ve made an even cooler one! :) You guys are so crafty :) :) Oh, and her room is beautiful!

  2. nice article to post

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