Let’s Decorate: Melonnie’s Birdie Boys Room

So pinterest is awesome, right? Everybody loves it! You have immediate inspiration for almost any project imaginable. But maybe sometimes it’s not so great. Like when you look at these crazy beautiful houses and rooms on pinterest and then look at your home decor budget [what home decor budget?].

So perhaps more inspiring than pinterest [for me] are other mamas who are using their shoestring budgets to make their houses super fun. That totally happened last week when I visited my friend Melonnie. She’s a mama to two boys and wife to a high school english teacher. But, as you’ll be able to tell, she’s also an artist.

I asked Melonnie if I could share some pictures of her boys’ room because it’s such a fun space. It reminds me of something you’d see in a catalog but she’s done an amazing job of finding pieces second-hand and making them work in her space.

Melonnie used an old-school overhead projector and a sharpie marker to create these trees on the wall. It’s such a great impact when you walk in and immediately makes me feel like I’m in a storybook! And that amazing vintage bed came from her in-laws. Anybody out there have an amazing twin bed frame lying around? I’ll take that off your hands…

[I made that little owl lovey as a gift from this tutorial.]

I love the little birdies on the hook. And I love that Melonnie brought “real” art into the room. Kids love art. Art inspires kids. Win, win.

For the window treatments Melonnie used a branch for the curtain rod and draped the fabric [I loved that she coordinated two different fabrics, instead of matching them]. She attached the birds with floral wire. I also love the green stained dresser that is used for a changing table [don’t worry, the changing mat is securely attached]. When you’re staining furniture it doesn’t have to be a shade of brown! Mix it up.

I love the idea of pulling a piece of furniture into the closet. I remember setting up Lucy’s nursery and hanging up the teeny clothes and seeing all the empty space underneath. Such a great idea.

Melonnie used mod podge to cover an old bookcase with the pages of a hymnal. I love it because it keeps the furniture really neutral while still making it interesting.

This is what happens when you ask two boys to sit with their mama for a picture. I’m not sure there are too many things better than inspiring friends! I love the space, thanks for letting me share it Melonnie!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Decorate: Melonnie’s Birdie Boys Room

  1. Melonnie Murphy says:

    B, Dang girl. You make me and my handy work look good. Thank you for the compliments, come over anytime for more picture fun. Excuse me. I feel really famous right now, and think I deserve some ice cream. Love, M

  2. Mandy Schmitt says:

    The rest of her house is just as cute. Mel is pretty much amazing. Her other artworks is great too!!

  3. Jen James says:

    What happy bunch of boys…. Love the trees! Sharpie is genius….good idea!
    o and ps…that framed artwork is pretty cool too….:)

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