Kid Art: Stencil Tees

I need to disclose at the beginning of this post: freezer paper stenciling can be addictive. In fact, you may find yourself laying in bed, trying to go to sleep, coming up with ideas for your next tee. It’s so much fun to give your kids tees that match up with their interests.

This round of stencil tees, I decided to get Lucy in on the action. There are some great tutorials out there for getting started with freezer paper stenciling. [This one is my favorite.]

To give you an overview: You trace your image on the dull side of some freezer paper. Use an exacto knife to cut out the image. With the shiny side down, iron the newly created stencil to the shirt you’re making. Really take your time around the edges where the freezer paper meets the fabric. Add some cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt so the paints don’t bleed through. I usually use fabric paints [found at Michael’s] because they wash up really soft and don’t fade too much. A couple coats of fabric paint, let the tee hang out for an hour or two, and then take off your stencil. Wait three days to wash it and you’re stylin’.

So here’s our take on stencil tees:

We made two shirts. A ballerina and an art shirt. I don’t want to put Lucy in a box but those are definitely her two biggest loves at the moment.

To make the ballerina shirt I found a ballerina image I liked [I use a google image search and include the word silhouette]. Before our playdate I got the shirt ready by ironing the stencil on. Lucy filled in the inside of the stencil really well and then I went behind her to smooth out the paint and make sure there were no spots with too much.

After the shirt was really dry [a couple days later] I took some tulle and used a zig zag stich to add a skirt to the ballerina.

That was definitely Lucy’s [and Landon’s] favorite part.

We also made a tee to celebrate Lucy’s love of art. We had a white t-shirt we received as a hand-me-down that was “well-loved” so we decided to dye it orange first. After it came out of the wash I let Lucy pick an acrylic paint color. She chose the pear green. I added water to the acrylic paint [rather than using a fabric paint] because I wanted it to have a watercolor effect and I didn’t want there to be spots of thick paint.

We waited a few days for her creation to dry and then we added on the words.

We did three coats of the white paint to make sure it was dark enough to read and stand out. This was such a fun activity! And I know Lucy loves the shirts because they’re always either on her or in the laundry bin!

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3 thoughts on “Kid Art: Stencil Tees

  1. She reminds me so much of you and your love for drawing, coloring, painting and exploring…….. Love our Lu and miss you guys soooooo much… count down is ON!!!!!! :-)

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