Mama Confessions

Today I was that mom.

Let’s start from the beginning. We’re in a hotel for a couple days while we’re having some work done on our house. It’s tight quarters for two adults and two babes. I had really naïve expectations that we would not be greatly impacted by this change of surroundings if I just kept our schedule pretty much the same. Naïve. Naaaaaive. And, consequently, today I was that mom.

You know the mom who is awoken from a deep slumber by a baby in a pack in play [at a time still considered nighttime, rather than early morning] at the end of the bed squawking because he’s realized that he can probably convince you to get him. Then I was that mom who was squeezed in between a husband and a baby and unable to go back to sleep.

I was that mom who sat on the floor reading a book by the light of the bathroom while I waited five hours for everyone else to get up [please tell me I‘m not the only one who can‘t go back to sleep].

That made me the kind of mom who went to both Wal-Mart and Target in one day [ugh].
The kind of mom that gets a venti.
The kind of mom that asks, “Do you really have to go to the potty right now?” [And then the one you see running through the aisles trying to make it in time.] The mom with food on her shirt and throw up on her jeans.

I was the mom you chuckled at from another stall while my toddler and I talked about how we should “train Buddy [14 months]. ‘Cause he poops. And he should put it in the potty. Okay, Buddy? [Rubs head].”

But I was also the one who left the dirty itty bitty undies in the public restroom instead of taking them home to clean out. [Sometimes you gotta cut them loose.]

I was also there letting the two [almost three!!!] year old pick out some nail polish because it’s pretty much her favorite thing right now and honestly, she has great taste.

I was the mom laughing at my toddler when I figured out she was saying, “We’re walking… we’re walking.” down the cosmetics aisles. And when she said, “I love you, Mommy Baker” because she’s totally learned her last name.

That was me you were giving the stink-eye to when I groaned aloud after the contractor called for the fourth time to tell me all the things not going according to plan. Then I was the mom who called her mom to tell her all the stinky things happening [totally made me feel better].

Unfortunately, I was also the mom who had to ask for forgiveness when I rudely answered a had-to-work-late husband’s call. And then more forgiveness when I abruptly ended the call to stop in the middle of the parking lot [yep, that was me] to run to the aid of a vomiting toddler. And then I kept the van parked there and stripped her to her pink polka dot undies [still me]. “Mommy I spit on my flower dress.”

And, for better or worse, I was that mom today that-pulling into the hotel parking lot-thought, “Thank goodness I’m not being given a cumulative grade for this parenting thing.” Tomorrow is a fresh and new day and I’m going into it with a fresh and new attitude. Because honestly, if this was my ‘worst’ day I have A LOT to be thankful for. And I don’t even feel bad about being that mom. I think everybody [er, I hope] has some moments when they do things or have things happen that they swore they’d never do. Totally what happens in the trenches of motherhood. Anybody else been that mom this week? Confession is good for the soul.

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12 thoughts on “Mama Confessions

  1. Aunt Lana says:

    I have totally been that mom. I left a big ball of poop in the bushes at a retreat one time and put the relatively clean undies back on the child, because that was the only pair we had with us. I rushed one child to the emergency room with a neighbor driving, but forgot the other child standing in the middle of the kitchen. The neighbors wife remember to get her. Now, my question is, why stay in a hotel if your in-laws have extra rooms?

  2. mommalovescookin says:

    TOTALLY ME!! Love you Momma!

  3. You my dear are an awesome Mom!…. I only smile because I see myself so many years ago with a little girl having the same talks :-). I do love you and feel so blessed to be your Mom:-)

  4. Reblogged this on mrcbaker4math and commented:
    Every weekend I remember how hard staying at home with the little ones must be. :)

  5. Melonnie Murphy says:

    This week I was the Mom who: spent 10 minutes (with a 3 year old and 1 year old) in the grocery store picking out frozen vegetables with out preservatives, then was so exhausted bought them pizza rolls for lunch.

    • heybethbaker says:

      I did that with peanut butter. I wanted to try a new brand. Read all the labels and compared all the prices and then somehow ended up with one with sugar in it. Not a win. :)

  6. Laura says:

    Oh, I’ve *totally* been there. Add into the mix one child with an autism spectrum disorder and jet lag and, well, let’s just say it was a complete and utter disaster. On the plus side, there’s always tomorrow!

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