Our Meal Plan and This Week’s Loves and Letdowns

Here’s our meal plan for the week. I loved it. Everything on the menu was so delicious!

Sunday: We had a dinner at church so I didn’t plan anything for that night. At lunch Chuck made spinach salads with carrots, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and cucumbers while I got the babes down for nap. It was awesome!
Monday: We had the green beans and red potatoes that I mentioned here.
Tuesday: Mushroom and Onion Pizza with Cauliflower crust. Well, I ran out of olive oil and had to run to the store at 4 p.m. [ugh] so we just went with our usual pizza crust but it was delicious. I try to limit the pizza to once every couple of weeks because it’s so much bread and so much cheese. Lucy got a corn tortilla topped with steamed broccoli and rice cheese.
Wednesday: Squash Casserole Risotto. I think the start of fall got me pumped for the holidays so I tried to create a healthier version of the Squash Casserole I grew up with. So we had risotto with roasted squash and gfv bread crumbs, topped with a tiny bet of cheese. It was a solid seven.
Thursday: Cabbage and White Beans. I think this was one of Chuck and Landon’s favorites for the week. I changed the potatoes to carrots and added soy sauce and rice vinegar to de-glaze the pan after the onions. I also topped it with toasted sesame seeds. So I guess I changed the recipe quite a bit. But it was delicious.
Friday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. Does everyone know about Moosewood? It’s a restaurant based in Ithaca, NY and they focus on healthful, vegetarian food. Bon Appetit named them one of the 13 most influential and revolutionary restaurants of the 20th century. I’ve never tried a recipe from their website [they have cookbooks, too] that hasn’t come out delicious and these quinoa stuffed peppers are no exception. Though I should add that you may want to limit the red pepper flakes with the kids. Whew.
Saturday: Black Bean Soup and Baguettes. We’re trying this recipe for the first time but I love that it’s a crock pot meal because I think the longer soup takes to make, the better it tastes. I make the baguettes from a King Arthur Flour recipe and they take 18 hours from start to finish [not too much hands on time]. So maybe they’re a labor of love, but they’re worth every minute. We skipped the cauliflower because our dinner plans changed a little and we didn’t need quite so much food.

Last week my sister-in-law mentioned that the hardest part for her with eating real food is having time to fix them after work. Legit. So I started writing about ways to get dinner on the table quicker. Buuuuut, I couldn’t finish it. Honestly, I have some tips but it didn’t seem fair for me to write it. Next thing you know I’ll write on how to parent teenagers [nope. noooope]. I’ll keep working on it. So until then, here’s a little summary of my week in the form of loves and let downs.

-Lucy when we’re driving on an on or exit ramp [she says “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!]
-Lucy distinguishing girls and boys as “Belles” and “Beasts”.
-Husbands who do dishes.
-New clothes on super sale.
-Family trips to Trader Joe’s [99 cent coconut milk! Pumpkin butter! Coconut cream! Acorn Squash! Teeny tiny pumpkins!]
-The best chocolate cupcakes I’ve ever made [vegan or not!]
-Garage sales and thrift stores.
-Siblings playing together.
-Lucy singing Mizzou fight songs.
-Landon being the kid at the grocery store that smiles and waves at everyone in line and gets everyone smiling with him.
-Lucy learning how to plie. Well, Lucy believing she can plie.
-Landon helping me fold clothes [He picks something out of the basket, throws it into my lap, and lets out a big grunt.]
-Chuck asking if I want to walk around the mall and grab a blizzard.
-First chills of fall + light layers.
-“Mom will you read this book to me.”
-“Mom will you play blocks with me.”
-“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Buddy’s awake. He’s awake. It’s time to play.”
-“Landon learning to make a silly noise by running his fingers over his vibrating lips.
-Watching random hockey practices and figure skating at the mall.

-Strangers in public: “Your baby is crying [Oh, I didn’t notice]. I think he’s hungry [MMKThanks].”
-“Mom there’s poop in my room.”
-“Mom I peed on my floor.”
-“Mom I have to potty and I want you to watch.”
-Siblings beating each other up.
-Chuck asking me if I want to walk around the mall and grab a blizzard [about 1/3 of the way through I got sick].
-“Hi, I realize that I just called you but my child has taken this opportunity to start screaming so maybe I’ll call back.”
-Days that trick you by starting cool and then heating up.
-Lucy taking three bites of dinner each night and declaring she’s done [A phase, I know, I know.].

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4 thoughts on “Our Meal Plan and This Week’s Loves and Letdowns

  1. Aunt Lana says:

    Amazing Blog!!

  2. I put my official stamp of approval on this whole meal plan. It was GREAT.

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