Big Lots, What?!

Did anyone else know that Big Lots carries Bob’s Red Mill?! I saw it on Bob’s Red Mill’s twitter feed [why I was on Bob’s Red Mill’s twitter page I cannot answer. There is no answer.]. So I packed both kids in the car and kind of ran/walked to my closest BL. Who would have thought?!

So comparing the prices to amazon bulk prices [4 x 22 oz packs, usually] I found the flax seed [almost sold out] and soup mixes to be really good prices. The wild rice was a good price too, but it takes a lot longer to cook than the stuff I normally buy [why?!]. They had a bunch of gluten free stuff at comparable prices so I bought a few packs [brownie mix, pizza crust, cornbread] because I don’t want to buy 4 packs in bulk on amazon without knowing if we’ll like it. I’m super excited to try to the cornbread [hello, fall!]. I was also excited that all of the expiration dates were 2014. We eat a lot of beans over here. A lot. So it’s exciting when you can get a good deal on a mix because all of the work is done.

So here’s the breakdown for the best deal I found. Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup Mix:
Big Lots: $3.90
Amazon Subscribe & Save: $19.70 / 4 = $4.93

A penny saved… Anybody?

I feel I have an unhealthy amount of excitement about this. But a soup mix that includes grains takes care of half of the plate!!


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3 thoughts on “Big Lots, What?!

  1. Big Lots is the fantasy sleeper pick of the retail world. Sometimes it’s a waste, other times you win at life.

  2. Angela says:

    Um I didn’t price compare, but did you know Shop n’ Save also carries an assortment of Bobs Red Mill? Just an FYI.

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