Book Report: Hug Time

Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell is one of our favorite books. We have the board book version and it’s perfect for the 1-3 age range we’re reading to over here.

The book is about a kitten named Jules who creates a hug to-do list to hug as many people as he can. He starts with his friends and gives them all big hugs. After that he spreads out to his neighborhood park and gives all the different kinds of birds he sees a hug, too.

He soon realizes that he’ll need to go even farther to spread his hugs so he gets on a boat and goes to Africa. After Africa he goes to Australia and he gets to meet lots of different kinds of animals and hug them all.

He returns home and realizes that the world is big, and yet small too [haven’t we all felt that way]. So the book suggests you embrace [hehe] the world and start with those closest to you.

What I love about it:
-I love that the book shows how Jules hugs all kind of friends, some different from him.
-I love that it talks about how big the world is. It opens up neighborhood>country>world talks.
-I love that it introduces some foreign animals that we don’t learn about as much [a gnu, a pudu, and a wombat too!].
-The illustrations! Beautiful.

So, it’s great that I like it, but here’s what’s really important…

Got any favorite book suggestions to share?

[that’s an amazon affiliate link up there. show me the pennies! ;)]

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4 thoughts on “Book Report: Hug Time

  1. Kristy says:

    Great review! Your link isn’t working though.

  2. We value diversity. You = winning.

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