Peanut Butter ‘N Chocolate S’mores

There are a few things that I hadn’t considered before having a child who is allergic to (almost) everything. One of those things was the ability to pick up snacks at the store. Lucy is allergic to eggs, wheat, dairy, and peanuts so nearly any special treat she eats is mama-made. I have to say my love-handles appreciate the lack of Oreos around here. [Oreos, by the way, totally vegan*. Unless you’re in Europe.] So if you’re going to make all of your snacks from scratch you’ve got to be sure there will be someone to eat them. That’s where s’mores come in. You can make as few or as many as you like. If you don’t make extra you’ll be able to avoid that ‘might as well eat this cookie (and this one) for breakfast’ justification the next morning. And best of all they’re easy! We’re talking minutes to take off here (which is good because these are not allergen-friendly and have to be made and consumed during nap-time).

First, run to your nearest supermarket and grab a jar (or thirty) of Dark Chocolate Dreams. You are welcome.

Smear a hearty helping of love in a tub on a graham cracker.

Roast up some marshmallows by way of a beautiful fire outside… or the stove.

Get ready for it.

This is my favorite part: the anticipation.

Make two. Because really, when are you ever going to want to stop after just one.

So maybe I’ve had some s’mores every day this week as my lunch dessert? Is that even a real thing, “lunch dessert”? I’m not sure but it sounds great.

*Well, Oreos aren’t technically vegan because most refined white sugars are filtered through charred animal bones. But according to PETA‘s 99.9% rule they are ‘accidentally vegan’. Semantics. That just goes to show you that a vegan diet does not necessarily mean a healthy diet. But that’s another post for another time.

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7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter ‘N Chocolate S’mores

  1. Jen Bearden says:

    So I knew it would be great. And it already is! You are a writer and a photographer, so it’s even pretty! How’d you get those pics with words on them. I know–rookie question. But know I want to do that! Welcome back to blogging, sister!

  2. Wow…those look amazing! It’s a good thing I don’t have those ingredients in my house right now! Lol. Nice work, Beth!

  3. Angela says:

    S’mores with peanut butter is pretty much one of my favorite food groups. I’m going to have to find a jar of that goodness! Oh, and it’s a good thing I’m preggo because I just might have to go make myself a s’more after reading this…even though I just ate an ice cream bar :/

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