That Was Then…

So a long time ago I was a single girl, sitting in Upstate New York, contemplating what I’d do with the rest of my life. I prayed about it. A lot. And I journaled. Online. Via Xanga. Any other xanga fans out there? Anybody? Anybody… Here’s the part where I’m real and share the link to my xanga. Don’t judge me; it’s totally not nice. Xanga may or may not have had a hand in my meeting Chuck. I may have stalked his xanga page. Like a villian. He was just so dreamy.

So that was then. And sharing was super fun. And a few of you have encouraged me to start sharing again. Sharing = caring. This is noooooow.


4 thoughts on “That Was Then…

  1. She’s BAAAAAAAACK! I’m disappointed you didn’t share my Xanga!

  2. Everyone has their start somewhere, right? In a previous life, I was domestic_diva on Xanga. I met some great cyber friends (or serial killers, as Shane calls them) and we’ve kept in touch over the years!


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